Toronto to install the first batch of ATM, to mainstream use as the goal

nnnRaiders comment: With the role of the ether-square network network has been recognized by many technical staff, the value of the currency is also rising, get more investors and traders of all ages. In order to facilitate people to carry out a small amount of currency transactions, the Canadian digital currency ATM manufacturer LocalCoinATM has installed the first Ethernet in Toronto, ATM, in order to better serve users and promote the widespread use of this currency.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nOntario’s Bitcoin and Ethernet Square ATM manufacturer LocalCoinATM installed the first Ethernet in Canada. These machines are installed in the following three places: Toronto, Brampton and Yitao Bi Valley. All of these ATMs are located in Canada’s well-known chain convenience store Hasty Market.n
nLocalCoinATM has issued an official statement:n
nn”We are excited to announce that we have added support for the Ether Square in Toronto and GTA all the coin ATMs, and we are Toronto’s first provider of the Ether Square, which has revolutionized the encryption industry with its smart contract capabilities.”n
nnEthernet users and investors can use LocalCoinATM this dual-use ATM easy to buy and sell currency. The ATM and ATM are similar in operation and will show the seller the deposit address and ask the buyer to open their etherbox purse address to use the Canadian dollar to purchase the encrypted currency.n
nWhat is the currency?n
nIn the field of encrypted money, the etherfront and its local tokens are not really regarded as an encrypted currency and are treated as an encrypted asset. Technically, Tathagata is the driving force behind the centrality application on the EPC agreement. As a result, most users do not use the currency as currency, but instead use it to pay for applications in the ethernet network.n
nHowever, since 2016, more and more investors and traders have begun to buy the currency as a long-term investment and value storage, because its value has been in a very short period of time quickly exponential growth. In fact, the amateur and expert traders in many parts of Asia, including Japan, China and South Korea, have surged to demand for the currency.n
nWhy do you need to provide Ethernet for ATM?n
nMost digital currency exchanges, such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Coinbase, GDAX and Kraken, provide investors with professional investment vehicles and high liquidity to create an efficient and secure environment. However, such transactions are subject to strict AML and KYC regulations, so users must undergo complex validation and account approval processes.n
nFor users, traders and investors who only want to buy a small amount of currency, it is not practical or efficient to buy through the exchange. Ordinary consumers and novice users can use the ATM to simplify the entire process. This ATM limits transactions to a relatively small amount without the need for strict AML / KYC regulations.n
nIt is for this reason that Bitcoin ATM is very popular in Korea and Hong Kong. A buyer and seller who sells small Bitcoin or Taisha currency are reluctant to experience trouble and may disclose the verification process of personal information.n
nIn the future, with the continuous development of the chain agreement based on intelligent contract, it will become a useful channel for small users and investors.n

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