Tragic! Bitcoin “flash crash” 10W 2000, people walking on the pinnacle of life, there are people on the roof

Reprinted from 100 Author: their unofficial official history

11 20 April evening, are posted in the community, their own investment in the currency price at the peak of 10 million yuan, now only 2000 yuan, equivalent to kuidiao 98% principal. Back in 2010, a value of $25 pizza spent 1 million buyers bitcoin, the equivalent of a bitcoin value of 0.25 cents. 7 years skyrocketed to 800 million times, 2017 at the end of the year, bitcoin prices topped $2 million, at a dizzying peak in history.

What is bitcoin?

An encryption currency by Japanese Nakamoto (until now no detailed information about the person broke) invention, is a digital token one form of P2P. Point-to-point transmission means a decentralized payment system.

Remember, every coin ring fell total there are so many people to the site, but certainly say is normal callback. Now if you want to search even can see many so-called coin circle chiefs in the know of such web sites had wonderful speech. However, the fact that the final is only for final cut leek.

Why not leek rich? Go to the center? What to the center? How to go to the center when a few people who have most of the resources? Is the referee and athlete!

Wang Ruixi (batpool) said: “don’t put money to compare, but if there is no money, no money to drive the bitcoin speculation?

At the top of that high prices are blown up?

Talk much, maybe fans have coin circle to scold, not to say so much, in fact, why bitcoin speculation to this price, I believe the people all know, there are encryption anonymous tokens, as before the casino chips, who can recognize a chip out of who?

A friend and I said bitcoin is what?! You go to see the play off, cloud chain G. Who fall?

I’m sorry to do some of these early on the so-called pinnacle of life, let me wait a little scattered curtain dripping, but I know more people is lose lose everything, just like the original version of the same Ponzi scheme.

Some people walk on the pinnacle of life, people walking on the roof, you see him building from the ground, you see him full of guests, you see him building collapsed, people scattered.

Get down, step by step seems slow, but this is the most secure norm, even can’t let you go on the pinnacle of life, but also enough to keep you away from the roof.

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