TSMC, a chip giant, is expected to continue its strong mining demand for cryptocurrencies

nWalkout commentary: Recently, the world’s largest specialized semiconductor foundry TSMC announced the fourth quarter of 2017 financial report, the report showed fourth-quarter revenue growth of 10.1%, net income increased 10.4%. Its senior vice president and chief financial officer said this was driven primarily by the launch of new Apple products and the strong demand in the cryptocurrency mining sector. At the same time, analysts believe that demand for cryptocurrencies mining will continue to grow in 2018, while pushing demand for chips to bring more profits to TSMC.n
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TSMC, the world’s largest specialized semiconductor foundry, expects the bitcoin mining industry to continue to grow this year and boost the demand for chips. Some analysts now believe that cryptocurrencies, the mining industry, provide the greatest potential for Apple’s major chip supplier to offset the impact of weak iPhone X sales.n
Bitcoin Xn
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TPE: 2330) today announced the fourth quarter of 2017 financial report, with revenue up 10.1% and net revenue up 10.4%. Fourth quarter total revenue of 92.1 billion US dollars, up 10.7% from the previous quarter, an increase of 11.6%. TSMC share price so up 2.69%.n
He Li Mei, SVP and Chief Financial Officer of TSMC, said:n
n”Our Q4 business was mainly supported by the launch of major mobile products and continued demand for cryptocurrency mining. We expect the strong demand for cryptocurrency mining to continue to grow in the first quarter of 2018, and the seasonal nature of mobile products Factors will weaken our business this quarter. “n
nBitcoin mining hardware is considered the company’s business area with the highest growth potential. Some analysts believe demand in this area will double in 2018 and bring 10% revenue to TSMC. They even hope Bitcoin mining hardware can make up for the chip maker’s losses due to weak sales of iPhone X in China. Sanford C. Bernstein

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