Turn off the machine! House-moving! On the catty! Is the bitcoin bubble broken in the face of the “mine disaster”?


Bitcoin Shutdown price Miner’s shutdown and stop loss (CCTV finance and economics “economic information broadcast”) Since mid November, the encrypted currency, led by bitcoins, has continued to fall. In just half a month, the bitcoin fell more than 3, and the quotation was around $3900 as of the deadline, more than 7 down from last year’s highest point.

As a matter of fact, the rise and fall of encrypted currencies is normal, but the slump has set off an unprecedented “storm” in a circle, a circle of encrypt money. What’s the size of the mining industry, and what is the bitcoin miner going through? Together into today’s online survey.

The short film has been hot in the miners’ circle, and the jokes in the miner’s state of the tumble in the video make people laugh. After a smile, the real situation is a bit of a smile.

Encrypt money miners Livy Now, there is a change in the state of mind. Now, in the last half month, the market fluctuates very much. It has fallen from around 40 thousand and 4 and 5 to about 20 thousand and 5, about forty percent. All the mainstream models, including the models I purchase, have fallen to a cost price. In the process of slumping, I can’t bear it. Livy is a bitcoin miner, and the tumbling price of the bitcoin in the last half of the month has made him feel the first time to sleep.

Encrypt money miners Livy The two models (in the case of 40 Fen electric charges) are basically negative. So basically, most of them are shut down now. Taking a mainstream bitcoin machine as an example, the cost of the electricity required to run 1 bits is about 26 thousand yuan. Once the price of bitcoin falls, the miner can only shut down the loss. In late November, the price of bitcoin has been broken down many times in addition to the latest miner’s escape from the market, and the miners who have bought them at a large price may not be able to recover the cost and face the choice and suffering. At present, the Xiaofeng, which holds thousands of miners, is one of them.

Encrypt money miners Xiaofeng : As long as your machine is open, you are losing money. So a lot of miners have chosen to sell the miner, or say I stop and wait a moment, so many.

The “hash rate”, representing the full network of bitcoin, has dropped by about 3 in half a month, and some about 1300000 mainstream miners have turned off in the wave of the bitcoin slump. Xiao Feng said that the current choice of shutdown is often a number of small cost miners, and some larger miners are able to take short – term costs below the shutdown price, and take some short-term measures to wait for a “dynamic balance” of a revenue reduction.

Encrypt money miners Xiaofeng : If there are 1 million miners all over the world, you are divided into 100 1/10000, but if there are 500 thousand shut down now, the number of bitcoins you divide will be much more, so it will have such a dynamic balance. This time is the stamina, see who can stay up.

Line by electricity The migratory bitcoin miner!

Some miners have switched off, and the open mines are struggling to survive the game of electricity. China, which concentrates on advanced mining machines and low electricity costs, is currently one of the first choice of the global encrypted currency mines, with as many as 7 bits of bitcoin power distribution in Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places. What are the status of these mines in the cold winter of this encrypted currency? Come and follow our reporter to the mine in Inner Mongolia.

60 kilometers from the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, the reporter found the mine in an industrial area. Standing outside the factory, it was rare to hear the faint noise of the machine. The head of the mine told reporters that the machine room at the moment has stopped running to half.

Head of a mine in Inner Mongolia When there is a stop, all of them have been pulled away, and they have been pulled away in person.

The mine, which stands in the chemical plant, once was one of the most powerful bits of bitcoin in the world. It was built in the summer of 2014 and covers an area of 100 mu. It can accommodate 100 thousand mining machines at the same time. At the height of the heyday, there are 1 pieces of the world’s 4 bit coins.

Head of a mine in Inner Mongolia : the original customer up to tens of thousands of units, so big customers. At the very least, there are no ten thousand machines.

The former splendor benefited from the high price of the bitcoin and the low price of electricity. The open information on the Ordos government website shows that the bitcoin site was built in the name of “cloud computing large data center” when it started, so it was able to enjoy a fraction of the price of normal industrial electricity, which was just as long as two corners. Even so, the electric charge of the mine is still as high as tens of millions of dollars a year. Head of a mine in Inner Mongolia The original power multilateral trading, now there is no approval to run down. With big data, cloud computing, sapphire, such as the country’s high-tech production line even power multilateral trading. It’s low for the electricity to run down.

The local government tightened the policy of the special coin mine, the price of the preferential electricity was cancelled, and the profit of the mine was almost cut down. The reporter went to another large mine in Inner Mongolia and walked into the gate. Several workers were cleaning, packing and packing some old mines, ready to move away from the mine. The staff told reporters that many customers have moved the machines to lower prices, and the mines have turned their lines of sight abroad.

Sichuan mine main telephone interview : Now I estimate that if this market is two months, a lot of people will go bankrupt.

The price of the mining machine fell 90% Hardware market Dark time

The plunge in the profits of the mining industry was also quickly transmitted to the miner’s hardware market. “The mining machine is sold on a catty”. Shenzhen’s Huaqiang North is the world’s largest distribution and distribution site for mining machines, and about 9 of the world’s mining machines are shipped from there. More than half a year before the Huaqiang North, whether it is selling computer accessories or mobile memory businesses have started the mining machine sales business, now how are their situation?

The reporter came to Huaqiang North SEG digital square, and a miner’s shop was looking for sublease as soon as he got off. Although the market still hangs on the billboard in the market, most of the shops are all the sparrows.

Shenzhen mining machine dealer: There are few people who buy the mine machine, the price is not good, we have a lot of equipment has stopped, we do other, I do not do it.

In another shop selling mine machines, the reporter saw the shopkeeper packing a batch of mining machines for delivery. He told reporters that all the mines were second-hand.

A seller of a mining machine: Some customers before I bought the mining machine, now to sell, a few months ago to buy, more than 30 thousand bought, now can sell how much money, 800 to 11001200, second hand more, how many units you want, I have thousands of sets.

Many shopkeepers told reporters that as the price of bitcoin plunged, the current main model of the mine, the price has fallen to 95%, but still can not sell out. The head of a Beijing mining machine sales company told reporters that the sales of miners are less than 1/10 in the first half of the first half of the year. They have also received many used miners in addition to selling mine machines.

Honeycomb machine COO Lin Li long long : Last December, a month sold about tens of thousands of stations, and now it was mostly empty. He didn’t want to dig it, sell his machines, and then we sold them again. Customers used to buy machines, now they all come to understand the information, and some are to “recharge faith”.

In China, the mining industry of encrypted money has formed a complete industrial chain upstream and downstream. At present, our country has been producing 9 of the global miner, occupying 7 bits of money, operating more than half of the mine, and having an important industrial base of the large practitioners. The mining industry has also affected the peripheral market, such as hardware procurement, semiconductor production, chip sealing, and so on, from heat transfer to cooling. The financial statements released in November by the developer of the video card show that the third quarter revenue was less than expected and was attributable to the retreat of the encrypt currency mining tide. Many miners in the industry said that the market into a calm period, will reduce the scale of production.

Panda mining machine marketing partner Mei Chaoqun: There will be some customized production of small quantities of orders, regular inventory, and we will be very, very cautious about the current market.

(Editor: Yang Yinyin)

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