Two bitcoin public purse was eyeing the United States OFAC, involving 7000 bitcoin

Recently, bitcoin is a storm is no less, in addition to bitcoin prices fell to $3602, the magnitude of the rebound is not too big.

Today use a browser to open fire currency network, even open the case. The reason is that this web site response time.

The server in foreign countries, the situation of domestic traders, only to find the other way.

Today also has a more eye-catching news, the United States OFAC on bitcoin two public purse, currently has basically locked from Iran ransomware two “middle man”, the U.S. Treasury Department’s office of foreign assets control (OFAC) decisive attack, sanctions against two public purse.

The OFAC also said that any sanctions and the wallet transactions will be two sanctions.

Two “from Iran” in SamSam ransomware attacks, and the bitcoin ransom converted into real money.

Allegedly, the two public purse 40 in the global digital currency exchange, a total of 7000 bitcoin transaction. (a mill)

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