U. S. bomb threat mail frequently asked $20 thousand in bitcoin police: a suspicion of fraud

By mail bomb threat evacuation

In December 14th, global network quoted CNN (CNN) reported yesterday, occurred in the organization and enterprise from the terrorist bomb threat mail event in the United States and Canada yesterday afternoon, for the sake of safety, the relevant departments have to crowd alienation and to building a comprehensive inspection of these threatened organizations and enterprises.

The FBI also released emergency safety tips, known as in the past, the Federal Bureau of investigation is necessary to remind the public to be vigilant, to report any possibility for the first time the security threat of suspicious activities or suspect etc..

According to the American news media reported that a number of American city has received similar bomb threat mail, including San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Miami, Washington, by mail units have specific enterprises, colleges and universities and the court, there is no logical relationship among the identified.

The security department is investigation

The FBI said the United States and explosives Bureau, the two sides have combined, together with relevant law enforcement departments to carry out cooperation and jointly coping strategies.

In addition, threatened and a number of enterprises and institutions in the United States, Canada also appeared many enterprises threatened mail things, including Canada, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto city of Vancouver, a police told CNN news, there have been a number of enterprises are threatened, it is unclear what the building completed the evacuation, visible is much affected by the events.

In the reporter investigation afterwards, a received mail message content and the person said, threatening mail publisher once mentioned in the message to allow enterprises to provide $20 thousand coins, the person will email to CNN in Oklahoma affiliated television station KOCO-TV, estimated that frightened all.

The police interview

Iowa, Cedar Rapids police also received a similar threat for bitcoin mail, police subsequently announced that, from the analysis of various aspects of the professional point of view, can not find this email is not really released by human, it looks more like a unified sent through the machine. According to the analysis of their experience, judgment of such letters is estimated through this kind of threat related organizations want to cheat money from businesses, even around the county enterprises also received a similar message.

So far, the CNN does not expose the sender and the recipient of many Name Name, also did not disclose the relevant bitcoin account information, estimate whether the terrorist attacks are not recognized as a threat, is not easy to release relevant information and cause unnecessary panic.

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