U.S. regulators have issued a second ban on BitConnect

nBankruptcy Review: This month, BitConnect ICO project has received two US state securities regulators ban and must suspend related investment projects. And if you do not operate as required, the ban may be upgraded to a permanent ban. The project was also followed by some critics as Ponzi schemes.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
BitConnect’s ICO plan has drawn another ban on US regulators, which is the second such ban this month.n
In a January 9 press release, the North Carolina Securities Division introduced the moratorium on the suspension, saying BitConnect did not register for securities trading or sales in the state.n
The press release shows that the department has determined that securities sold by the company BitConnect plans to launch on January 10 will not be registered.n
n”The termination order found that BitConnect did not register as a securities dealer in North Carolina but offered two investment plans, the BitConnect Lending Program and the BitConnect Staking Program, and the termination order also found that BitConnect failed to disclose the importance of issuing investment products in the state fact”.n
nThe ban says BitConnect can have 30 days of response time. If the company fails to suspend on demand, the moratorium on the moratorium will become permanent.n
Last week Texas State Securities Board issued a similar statement on BitConnect, some critics said the project is a Ponzi scheme.n
Like its counterparts in North Carolina, the Securities Commission has issued a moratorium on the ban, saying that cryptocurrencies are “risky investments.”n

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