U.S. stocks and currency analysts will have double collapse, bitcoin prices down to $1500

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“Last night I did not sleep well, founder and former Point72 Ikigai encryption hedge fund investment manager Travis Kling said in an interview with Bloomberg, the market has been unable to predict, worry about falling bitcoin market, also stressed that the recent bitcoin cash (BCH) hard bifurcation event brought negative effect the encryption of money market.

From the bitcoin trading platform Bitstamp price trend, 11 month 20 pm 4 bit currency prices broke the $4237.44 low, the market ushered in a slight rebound, the highest closing price of $4761. But only 12 hours after the transaction price fell $4048.58 low, as of press time, bitcoin transaction price of less than $4300 a slight concussion. Overall, bitcoin one-day decline in 11.3% weeks or 25% years, a decline of nearly 77%.

The November 16th BCH hard bifurcation event has come from the money market to absorb billions of dollars of encryption. Bitcoin ABC, the world’s largest supporters mill manufacturer bit been reported in mainland China, the force of World War II, from bitcoin (Bitcoin) cut away is force to raise the chance of winning Bitcoin ABC. This approach reduces the short-term stability of investors and miners bitcoin confidence.

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone believes that the BCH bifurcation is a matter of hard encryption currency market crash fuse, the bear market will continue. A more comprehensive pessimistic attitude analysts said the crypto currency has entered the winter, bitcoin prices will continue to fall more than 70%, to $1500.

This year money market plummeted due to encryption, two mainstream chip maker AMD, Ying Weida (Nvidia) with low return grounds, to give up the production of mining equipment business. However, AMD shares are still in the week fell 11%, NVIDIA shares fell 17%.

“NVIDIA shares fell, reflecting the monetary boost demand in the future encryption has been shattered,” Creative Planning’s president and co chief investment officer Peter Ma Luke (Peter Mallouk) said in an e-mail. Of course, the NVIDIA is bad news, but for bitcoin and other encryption currency, this is indeed a canary in the coal mine.”

In addition, the price of bitcoin crash suspected of being associated with global market crash. Morgan Stanley chief strategist Michael Wilson said U.S. stocks, stocks have been in a “bear market” in 2018, although not a recession, a sharp slowdown in the market has been out weak corporate earnings and economic growth.

Last night (November 20th), U.S. crude oil futures fell again. The dollar index rose 0.64% late in New York, at 96.8197, a record two weeks to the biggest one-day percentage increase, as global stock market sell-off triggered by hedge buying. International oil prices remain rangebound, rate of change to a narrow range of fluctuation, lowered expectations still, news and to eliminate the crash. The large technology stocks closed mostly lower, apple fell 4.78%, Amazon fell 1.11%, Netflix fell 1.34%, Google rose 0.29%, Facebook rose 0.67%, Microsoft fell 2.78%.

“Apple Corp fell 5%, 50 billion dollars is gone, fell half a coin circle, stocks and currency is double collapse, industry insiders commented EOS master.

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