U.S. stocks fell sharply, cryptocurrencies only good scenery, bitcoin broke through the threshold of $3500

Due to technology stocks fell, the market worried about the fed to raise interest rates and prospects of Sino US trade disputes, the U.S. stock market volatility, the bear market seems to be more and more obvious signs. At the same time, in December 17th, with the outflow of funds in the traditional market, encryption currency has ushered in the overall floating green day, the overall growth of major currencies. Encryption of money market total market value has more than 110 billion dollars.

For the stock market, the Dow Jones index fell 508 points, or 2.1%; S & P 500 index fell 2.1% in the lowest this year; while the NASDAQ index rose slightly, but still fell in the year 2018.

All three markets were down 8% in the 12 month. Oppenheimer (OPPenheimer) chief investment strategist John Situoercifusi (John Stoltzfus) wrote in a research report released Monday. “Investor sentiment on the stock market is still very bad, but from the fundamentals and the relatively low valuation of the stock market, is expected to be at the beginning of the new year showed a rising trend.” Stoltzfus added: “last week, international trade tensions eased fails to stimulate the rise in the stock market, because the market has been flooded negative emotions.”

The Dow Jones index fell may need to blame health care stocks, rather than the old technology stocks. Because of Johnson’s brand of baby powder containing asbestos news continues to ferment, Johnson’s share price fell sharply. At the same time, after a part of the Obama health care reform health care law by the court ruled unconstitutional, UnitedHealth shares also fell. In the Malaysia government accused Goldman underwriting bonds offering misleading investors, the Wall Street giant has become the focus of attention.

Fall the most important reason is not limited to this, can be traced back to the radical position of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates on the issue this week may be taken, and the possibility of the United States and China again trade and foreign affairs.

Worked with Soros in 1992 to make $one billion against the pound, the gangster Stan Druckenmiller published a commentary on the “Wall Street journal”, urged the fed down in the economic slowdown and the market on the occasion of pause and tightening liquidity “two pronged aggressive approach”. He said: “we believe that the U.S. economy can maintain strong performance next year, but can not afford the major policy mistakes, whether it is from the Federal Reserve or other government departments.” The bank for International Settlements (BIS) warned that the normalization of monetary policy in the coming months may trigger a series of sharp sell-off, in addition, the long-term trade tensions and heightened uncertainty, enhance the risk aversion of investors.”

Buy signal encryption market, or the stock market?

A “ruthless” bears, former congressman Ron Paul, recently reminded investors that a catastrophic market crash may be imminent. He said the impending recession may be worse than the 1929, but if the market liquidity to ensure that the economic crisis is not long. Paul said in an interview with CNBC:

“Once the bull market fluctuations that no longer, then people will first exit.”

In fact, it appears that the stock market investors are doing. They may buy other categories of assets in other places.

A survey of the American Association of individual investors, the stock market, “bullish sentiment” at its lowest level since mid year 2016. However, the famous bulls Tom Lee believes that the bearish sentiment that the market is ready for buyers:

“We believe that the market sentiment has reached the extreme bearish level, this is a major trend in the history of the buy signal.”

In the Tom Lee earlier today will be written in the above content to the customer’s notes, as if investors start buying, but buying is not in stock.

A lot of investment is to encrypt currency. In this paper, the overall market capitalization of $113 billion 900 million, and is still on the rise. Bitcoin (BTC) is still up more than 8% and break through the threshold of $3500.

Ripple XRP grew 14%, EOS now increased by 26%.

According to Tokenview.com data show that the active BTC address yesterday at 668908, up 28% compared to the day before yesterday, up 8.69% over the past 7 days the number of daily active BTC address; BTC address yesterday added number 320617, up 31.24% compared to the day before yesterday, nearly 7 BTC increased by 10.36% the number of new daily.

BTC nearly 24 hours on the chain of transactions amounted to 1227005.31 BTC 24, an hour ago rose 42.3%. BTC prices rebound, the chain growth index, to stabilize short-term, the market is expected to further upward.

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