UBS: Block chain technology is IBM’s biggest savior

nnnIn the traditional business downturn IBM, the block chain and other emerging technologies may be the biggest hope for its return to the peak of the peak. At the same time, these analysts are also very optimistic about the potential of IBM in the development of block chain. And, IBM recently with a number of well-known enterprises to carry out the chain-related cooperation also makes it in the field occupy a leading position.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nn”The block chain may be IBM’s savior.”n
nnThis is an argument by UBS’s three analysts on Tuesday morning for a survey report.n
nTechnology giants IBM Although this year has begun to study the block chain technology, but since the beginning of the year, its share price diving has reached more than 14%.n
nThe block chain is a technology that supports digital currency such as bitcoin and currency. In view of the rising prices of digital money and tokens, the block chain has become a hot word on Wall Street. But the potential of the block chain has been far beyond the digital money field.n
nAccording to UBS, the block chain as a distributed book and smart contract enabler can change Wall Street’s business, including the $ 2 trillion payment industry. UBS believes that the use cases outside these digital currencies is the key to IBM’s continued development.n
nThe bank said:n
nn”IBM and Microsoft are seeking to monetize through the block chain, but we think IBM is one step ahead, and the block chain is more important for IBM. IBM’s traditional business is declining, we think such as block chain and cognitive Computing technology is the biggest hope of its recovery. “n
nnIBM has partnered with a number of companies, including Wal-Mart and Maersk, using distributed book technology to help track everything from food safety to mango delivery.n
nWith block chains, people rely on their own documents to track the entire process, no longer need to rely on multi-party participants – manufacturers, shippers, buyers and other intermediaries. The block chain will allow all stakeholders to see each step in this open and secure book.n
nAccording to UBS, IBM has also used block chains in its global financing sector with 125,000 customers.n
nThe bank said:n
nn”This move will reduce the time to resolve the dispute from more than 50 days to less than 10 days, and reduce administrative costs.”n
nnUBS believes that IBM, as a leading technology provider for financial services companies, will be a leader in the development of block chains.n
nUBS believes that IBM’s share price may reach $ 152, higher than its current market price of $ 143.n

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