Ubu Leigh F, founder of bitcoin ten years in the dark net of the Silk Road: the new darling of illegal transactions

In 2010, 28 year old LinkedIn in Ulbricht released a statement saying: “ I want to build a model of the economy, let people live in a world where there is no power.

But here the so-called power, is rooted in the government agencies and police law . Ulbricht style liberalism thought: the use and sale of drugs, should be based on personal choice; as long as I wish you love, you can go to drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, arms trafficking and incitement to murder.

2006, Ubu Leigh F graduated from University of Texas majoring in physics, physics experiment, tired of the boring he went to the Penn State University to pursue a master’s degree in materials science. During this period, Ubu Leigh F gradually hooked on liberalism and economics, he not only joined the University of Pennsylvania libertarian society, also participated in the debate about liberalism. Graduate students after graduation, to free hungry Ulbricht in the course of business contact to the bitcoin concept, to the center of the bitcoin seems completely fit in his heart that no “power” of the world, so with the bitcoin core concept shows his initiation out dark net shape .

The so-called dark net refers to those unable to access using the common search engine, through the onion routing network formed by stacked layers of encryption, very difficult to track the secret. 2011, in the physics and chemistry of materials on the successes of the Ulbricht by virtue of self-learning programming knowledge to create a dark network “silk road”.

In the network is completed after Ubu Leigh F became the first in the business, his girlfriend and a hallucinogenic mushrooms on sale transactions explicitly requires the use of highly anonymous bitcoin , soon they harvest the first money. Subsequently, drug traffickers will continue to come within two months of the Silk Road on the number of users exceeded 1 million, more than 10000 kinds of commodities, 70% of them still drugs, in addition to the dark online also sell counterfeit, firearms and ammunition, driving license and a false passport stolen credit card information.

While bitcoin as a new form of currency, as a means of payment in less than a year, has become the dark network hard currency, which in addition to its anonymity, largely because of the difficulty of tracking properties with a high degree of dark net demand. This the use of onion routing browsing and double anti anonymous bitcoin transaction tracking system, the dark trading capital and network user information could not be traced. The dark net silk road so the scenery for two years.

But there is no unventilated wall, October 2013 Ubu Leigh F Internet in a bookstore when arrested by the FBI. FBI Ubu Leigh F won the computer after the weeks of analysis, draws the conclusion that Ubu Leigh F carry a laptop with more than 14.4 pieces of coins, a total value of more than $122 million, and the Silk Road since the beginning of the establishment has just two years time, the bitcoin completed drug transactions of more than $1 billion 200 million.

From the early data can also be found in the three year, originally born in bitcoin, 30% of the transaction to the dark net; by 2014, the average daily trading volume of six bitcoins in the dark net $650 thousand. Dark network for illegal trading provides an anonymous matchmaking platform, and bitcoin provides anonymous assets flow mode , the two complement flourished.

In 2015 2017 Ubu Leigh F was sentenced to life imprisonment, he loses his appeal, upheld the. However, the dark network founder crashed but did not prevent bitcoin illegal transactions continue to act as an accomplice. 2013 years 11 months in Ulbricht was arrested less than a month’s time, the Silk Road in the 2 version of the line; later in the dark network, bitcoin is gradually popular in the network of money laundering, extortion and other fields .

From 2011 onwards, the Russian Alexander Vinnik began to use bitcoin money laundering, amount to more than $4 billion; in 2014, 29 year old Quebec Pascal Reid by the United States Secret Service on the spot to charges of money laundering in Miami arrested joint trading bitcoin, the money is used to buy bitcoin to steal credit card data stolen money; in May 2017, Microsoft computer system nearly 100 countries worldwide by WannaCry virus attacks, hackers are attack bitcoin users to pay the ransom, within ten days of the 150 countries more than 200 thousand computer intrusion.

As of 2018 years 1 months, about 25% bitcoin users and nearly half of the bitcoin transactions and illegal activities related to the transaction amounted to 720 billion dollars, illegal transactions in other encryption currency bitcoin boost has intensified the trend.

For the encryption of believers, other encryption currency bitcoin in the dark and illegal trading in active network has become an Achilles heel, a little careless, may lead to bitcoin crowning calamity.

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