Under the bear market, open your eyes and look at the bitcoin

Bear, look bitcoin

There are not a few days to write the blockchain or bitcoin related things, today give you a contraband. In my video article issued in the currency bitcoin circle widespread video, this machine can make bitcoin and currency direct exchange, bank like “ATM” in foreign countries has been rare, China is still fresh, is also not let people see fresh. It was the first time to go to Hainan by train, I can’t imagine such a long train is crossing segment on the ship, passengers still do not get off, really laments the individual low level of the vast territory and abundant resources.

ATM and BTC docking foreign ATM

The following questions about how to see the positive, bear bitcoin. Don’t talk about the details of the market today, only talk about the facts and theories.


The historical volatility of bitcoin, bitcoin is decided in the twists and turns gradually being accepted by people.

Two thousand and eleven Year. A bitcoin lowest price of $0.01. WikiLeaks announced to accept bitcoin donations, was the world’s largest trading website was hacked, the price quickly fell to $0.01. Mainly to see here is just the development of bitcoin, by the entity or that it is very valuable in the era of the Internet company’s approval, but also affected by the transaction platform technology, easy to kill. But there is no zero, difficult to survive.

Two thousand and twelve Year. A bitcoin is the highest price of 33 dollars, the first 11 months of this year are the basic price fluctuations, which in August there is a fluctuation, to about $10. This is November 2012 before the trend, to the end of November, direct fell to about $12.5. From this we can see the bitcoin up the potential also crash speed. “Small heart” concentration is not enough, not suitable for this thing, and will let you can’t sleep.

Two thousand and thirteen Year. A bitcoin of up to $1200, to the end of the year rose 521%, more than 1 ounces of gold for the first time. Bloomberg also published an article in May of that year. Overdue, bitcoin will rise 3000 times in 10 years. My days at the time, be in full swing bull market, people still feel that this is the “most serious” jokes. By 2017 Daniel, have rushed to the $20000, although 2018 is bearish, but personally feel that the “most serious” more and more funny jokes.

Two thousand and fourteen Year. Bitcoin fluctuations in between $750-1000. The rose fell, good steady year, this year the currency circle of people, no daxitaibei, live.

Two thousand and fifteen Year. Bitcoin fluctuations in the US $250-500 between. This year the big circle of currency fluctuations, the beginning of $250, 9 month rose to the highest, 11 months to $500. A group of 85 after 90 years from the latent into the bitcoin mining industry, the “hard bitcoin faith” the seed.

Two thousand and sixteen Year. The beginning of 1347 U.S. dollars bitcoin lowest price $350 in -2017. This is the 2016 of the 2017 cattle calves in brewing. This year, many accept new knowledge 85, 90 into the coin circle, in order to roll up their sleeves and go out of faith. Have a lot of people laugh.

Two thousand and seventeen Year. The highest price of $20000 bitcoin. This is after 85 years. 90 after entering the circle to obtain the maximum currency harvest year. Most of the coin ring, ring, chain enterprises, power supply enterprises, ore miner group, received a great return. To a certain extent also gained recognition. The whole industry square dance aunt admission.

Two thousand and eighteen Year. After the Spring Festival, the market is still a hot, square dance aunt who also began to roll up your sleeves and go, a Daniel squashed all speculative dream. Below by the end of December 16th, bitcoin $3278.52. The downhill road, let the coin ring suffered countless people see people despise melon. “Zero” and “air money” or “liar” civilization, “pyramid” and “fool” is the curse of the law civilization. The market price, you know, now bears still bitcoin 2017 start time is 2 times more than the market. Don’t scold, and fall. Look at the line of this road downhill, such as brake line. Maybe half a year can also be a year, not more than 3 years.

2018 chart

Finally, you can not participate in bitcoin price, it is a curve in the fluctuation, wait until it was all the world recognized, popular, rather than the admission fengeng. You will participate in the correct view, do not borrow money, loan money to play, your knowledge and experience is not enough, to be missed. The coin rings around me, in 2018 before the Spring Festival, the most money, ask what money ring. In the coin circle, can only say “Oh”, bitcoin twists and turns, was also the world of the thing by turns, is $0.01 to the young man, not to compare with the time after human life, our knowledge, knowledge always can not predict the future development of things, to adapt to the trend of cattle touch a few, bear to ease hibernation.

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