United Nations authentication technology partners use block chains on payment platforms

nnnIrisGuard is a technical cooperation company of the United Nations block chain assistance trial, which now announces the application of block-chain technology to the payment platform to verify refugee status distribution assistance, which is conducive to building a fair distribution system in the future, Help refugees and asylum seekers.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIrisGuard, a technology company that participated in the United Nations block chain test, applied the technology to its payment platform for assistance.n
nAccording to CoinDesk, the United Nations has adopted IrisGuard’s technology to validate the identity of Jordanian refugees, which is part of its block-chain test, and refugees can receive financial assistance through an ether-based payment platform. At the end of last month, IrisGuard announced that its EyePay platform, which aims to promote trust payments, has been upgraded to be easier to connect to block-based networks, just as it was in a Jordan test.n
nAccording to IrisGuard, the company has helped the United Nations to use EyePay to provide assistance to 2.3 million refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Syria.n

nImad Malhasn
nThe company’s founder and chief executive officer Imad Malhas said in a statement:n
nn”IrisGuard is proud to work with UNHCR, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), the United Nations Children’s Fund, the International Organization for Migration and other United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations to change the lives of homeless poor illegal refugees We hope to continue to contribute our own power to achieve a fair distribution system for people who do not have bank accounts around the world.n
nnCoinDesk has reported that Jordan has become a test area for the United Nations block chain work, and the United Nations has also carried out other projects on the technology there, some with IrisGuard carried out.n
nAccording to UNHCR, there were 720,812 refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan in 2016.n

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