United Nations technical seminar, chain-based HP financial system Moeda sparked concern


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On August 17, 2017, the United Nations Information and Communications Sector (OICT) held a one-day conference entitled “What is a” chain of chains “and the importance of the technology to the United Nations and its Member States at the conference room of the United Nations Headquarters Secretariat in New York “Block Chain Technology Seminar. OICT organizes the seminar to raise the focus of the United Nations and its Member States on innovation and technology and explore ways to apply innovative technology to practice.n
nThe meeting is open only to persons holding United Nations identity cards (including representatives of Member States, representatives of civil society organizations, members of the United Nations Secretariat). University of Toronto, UN Women, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the University of Fordham and other institutions are sent representatives to attend the meeting. Ms. Tayethah Reis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Moeda, was invited by the organizers of the conference to attend the meeting as a block chain enterprise and to introduce the district-based Hewlett-Packard financial system Moeda to the participants.n

nMr. Lamburt Hogenhout, OICT Principal Analyst, said in his opening address:n
nn”The moment the development of innovation and technology, the United Nations should actively learn to explore how these new technologies can be applied to the optimization of social organizations and help their members to make better use of high technology.”

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