University of Zurich in Switzerland test “no contact” bitcoin payment scheme

University of Zurich in Switzerland test “no contact” bitcoin payment scheme

Introduction: University of Zurich has a bitcoin payment items, the use of mobile phone near-field communication (NFC) bitcoin trading technology, this technology as long as any one network can complete the transaction, the project test stage in the school canteen, buddies remember to learn the card? You can imagine, with this technology, the students will eat, take a bitcoin mobile phone, playing a meal brush, meal came. The bus carrying a mobile phone flash, bitcoin payment completed.

In the dining room of the University of Zurich integrated school students develop bitcoin payment scheme, the pilot phase for two weeks.
The project named CoinBlesk (, is an open source bitcoin payment tool for students to create projects, is the use of a two-way near-field communication (NFC) technology, the mobile phone payment platform.
Students can use the online wallet or loading the CoinBlesk configuration in the school’s ATM loaded wallet.
The school professor Dr. Stiller Burkhard explains the two sets of products how to work together in the campus of coindesk, “in the experimental stage, people can make use of NFC ATM bitcoin transactions easier, because they can buy bitcoin in the local.”
The ATM is manufactured by BitAccess, Switzerland bitcoin company SBEX operates in University of Zurich, next to the cafeteria, catering equipment will be here to accept bitcoin payments.

The project on student

The on-line testing of the CoinBlesk project is the development team after months of efforts to develop the results, the team consisted of the school’s 9 doctoral students and faculty.
In addition to Stiller, Thomas Bocek, coordinator of the school is also the project developers and. Bocek told the coindesk that the project originated from him in a bitcoin payment, in 2013, he described a bitcoin payment system, can let the cashier simply submit a bitcoin payment request. However, Bocek admits, is three the enthusiasm of the students to promote this idea eventually became a project.
Bocek said that the original NFC test proves that the implementation is very difficult, but Google host card emulation (HCE) technique is introduced to let his team of the project can be achieved, he said: “we are in 2014 January were tested on the application at the time, Google equipment rarely use Android 4.4. from the US the test got a lot of lessons, we will focus on the following points: improve our NFC payment protocol, improved user interface.”
The ultimate goal of this product is to provide a simple and easy to use point of sale and for businesses and consumers (POS) experience. For example, because it uses NFC, as long as the parties to the transaction of any party network can make the completion of the transaction. You want to understand the service process, please see:

Budding relationship

The line of this project is very excited about things on the school, for the Geneva startup SBEX is also a success.
The company recently received the Swiss financial market supervisory authority permission, allowed in the country to reprint bitcoin ATM.
Romain Braud is the director of business development at SBEX, told the CoinDesk that the project has been the school’s support, his company also successfully played a role to enhance awareness of bitcoin.
He told the school and students is very impressive, Braud said: “we and they completed a special cooperation, because we believe this is a great project, it may in the future to enter all Swiss university.”
He admitted that there is no immediate plans in the school more bitcoin innovation further, but he said the school continues to discuss.

Bitcoin friendly University

Bitcoin test of University of Zurich is very compelling, because according to the registration number it is the nation’s largest university, with more than 25000 students. But this is not the first time the school brings bitcoin related news. In 2013, a report released on the school’s researchers, assesses the feasibility of bitcoin as a quick payment’s point of sale.

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