Unscramble Macau Ben Cong and his Bitcoin SV “two year small goals”

“O the Cong Craig – S – Dr. White (Craig S Wright) is the biggest supporter of Bitcoin SV, and Jihan Wu’s rival, this is without a doubt. In order to get the advantage in the competition, he said recently that BSV in the future will be able to handle the “TB level” the size of the block, but also his twitter account announced Bitcoin SV two years planning “”.

Two target:

200-400 000 TPS peak;

Block SV gains of more than 500 thousand;

Terranode Bitcoin.

(Note: “o the Cong planned Bitcoin SV expansion after block revenue will allow miners per megabyte block revenues of more than US $600 thousand, while Terranode Bitcoin is he had proposed a block chain expansion project)

“O the Cong did not elaborate on how this is one thing, so the daily planet Odaily intend to analysis and explain the simple for you.

In fact, the block expansion needs of the community for bitcoin trading is very high, of course, bitcoin has been struggling to keep up with demand. However, a lot of people and Macao the Cong bitcoin cash in the community do not recognize bitcoin expansion solutions, such as a proposal to transaction processing in the chain, and not according to the storage capacity of bitcoin node needs to expand the size of the block. Therefore, the first change Bitcoin SV bifurcation is the hard block size expanded four times, increased to 128MB.

However, due to the lack of a sufficient number of transactions, the average block size of Bitcoin SV compared to bitcoin is much smaller. In the current market, three of the major bitcoin forked version, Bitcoin SV block capacity minimum, so the transaction volume is minimal. In order to change this situation, “Macao the Cong and his colleagues have to through cooperation with more enterprises to attract more enterprises to join the Bitcoin SV block chain.

For those who seek to build a platform for developers, the most attractive is the two elements:

1, low transaction costs;

2, adequate space (block size)

However, between the block chain platform competition is also increasingly fierce, but also seems to see where is the end of this competition. Not only that, developers in the choice of the block chain (cryptographic tokens) platform, an index of the most attention is the trading activity / volume, because the more trading volume of a block chain, the more likely it is to become mainstream. On the other hand, the vast majority of the market to the center of the application does not get enough users, this is for those who want to invest, or is a frustrating situation to develop new applications to the center of the people, and are likely to continue.

Two years is not for a long time, at least for Australia, after all, the Cong bitcoin spent a decade to reach a relatively mainstream status. Bitcoin SV must be through the “Omni” layer and bitcoin compete, but bitcoin cash and Wormhole, Ethernet square, like AELF NEO, and the new currency against encryption. The ether square is the most popular platform for building smart centric applications, but as a network, it still needs better protocols to strengthen its capabilities. Otherwise, it is also difficult to reach the Bitcoin SV volume predicted by “Macau cong”.

In the community, some people react negatively, even some people said “Macao the Cong jailed after two years. But there are also people looking forward to the future, that Bitcoin SV needs a main business to accelerate the process of “rule the world”:

“We will need Bitcoin SV in the future, and we will also see more and more enterprises exploring block chain technology. Once we have a core leader, the gate will open, a miracle in the operation cost, safety etc..”

It’s hard to predict what the 1TB storage cost will be two years later, but at current cost costs, commercial terminal users need to pay an extra $300 per hour for storage costs (according to the industry standard of $0.05 per month per GB). But presumably, through large-scale purchases, this number may be reduced by 40%. If everything goes well, two years later, some small and small businesses can also get full – node services provided by Bitcoin SV.

The two years’ goal of “aaacong” depends on whether a few key work can be carried out as planned, and if they go well, a large portion of the future will occur on the block chain, which is a positive signal for the entire encrypted currency industry. However, although Decentralization (decentralization) is a very important element of encrypted currency, the higher the degree of decentralization (decentralization), the higher the cost of the parties involved – and, perhaps, only time can tell us all the direction of all this.

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