Urbit moves the virtual server Galaxy to the ethernet

nnThe cloud server network Urbit has been closely linked with the block chain technology, but has not been adopted, and this situation will now change. Urbit has announced the use of the Etherbus Smart Contract to rebuild its infrastructure. Although the move was opposed by some developers, the work was already underway and the company plans to sell its tokens based on the ethertop.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The cloud server network, inspired by the Galaxy, has announced plans to rebuild its infrastructure based on the ethertop technology.n
Urbit is a P2P personal cloud server network, as their own “virtual real estate”, has been with the block chain technology to maintain a certain intimate relationship, but never as part of its infrastructure to be implemented.n
However, the Urbit test version, which has been on the line for about a year, will now be upgraded to use the etherfront smart contract.n
According to the company’s blog post, it will use an intelligent contract based on the ERC20 (Generic Standard for Etherbus), allowing Urbit owners to protect their assets by encryption.n
This article uses the standard space topic terminology for the project and writes:n
n”We will instantiate a land register for the Urbit address space; the ERC20 token spark will be used to generate generic stars; it will also create an autonomous voting system, and we will invent a template contract for Galaxy to auction stars.”n
nNext, all payments will appear in the block chain. Urbit will further create a web browser that bifurcates from the ethernet code.n
By using a smart contract to confirm the relationship on the network, Urbit said it can outsource its security measures to the platform.n
However, this decision with the integration of the tower is also subject to some questions. Developers Curtis Yarvin and Galen Wolfe-Pauly point out that they are using a “bottom-up” approach to development, “relying on the ethertop will be contrary to Urbit’s nature.”n
Developers also explained this hesitation:n
n”The user experience is very poor; its governance is untrustworthy and unstable; its dilution rate is unreasonable; its development environment is full of wrong and unscientific features; in short, it is a typical MVP. It has only one real goal: success. At this point it seems to be doing well. “n
nNevertheless, this move is in progress, Urbit is also expected to be in the near future after its ether-based tokens on sale.n

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