Uruguay – the world’s first bitcoin exchange sack

Uruguay – the world’s first bitcoin exchange sack

First National BNAK announced, will set up the world’s first bitcoin exchange site in the capital of Uruguay, victor. This will be the world’s first over-the-counter form of exchange, the so-called “sack exchange”.

  This “old” approach may be just the bitcoin is needed, because most people still do not understand what is bitcoin, not to mention how to buy, sell and use.

      The company’s founder Daniel Bruno said: “people want to buy bitcoin, may see the entity shop at ease, not all of them are computer enthusiasts or Internet practitioners.”

The company not only provides offline transaction mode, but also provide online trading mode. On the oSwift.com website, people can use bitcoin to buy goods and services. In Latin America, the revival of digital currency is a mature opportunity. In Argentina, the government issued currency devaluation is. At the same time, the sale of gold is not permitted by the government.

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