US federal government agencies gradually adopt block chain technology

nnnAccording to Nextgov, a number of US federal government agencies (such as the Department of Homeland Security) have begun to provide financial support for block chain technology development companies and infrastructure providers and Bitcoan mining companies. This marks the US government is gradually accept Bitcoin technology, and began to actively explore the potential of block chain technology. However, given that the technology is still in its early stages of development and lacks commercial success stories, the US General Services Administration (GSA) says the agency is not yet ready to recognize or advocate the technology.n
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nUS federal government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are providing financial support for block chain technology development companies and infrastructure providers as well as Bitcoin Mining.n
nAccording to a number of sources including Nextgov, different chain-chain companies, including BlockCypher, have received DHS-awarded Small Business Innovation Research Grants to demonstrate that block chains are in record protection, identity protection and create immutable Data storage has the potential to categorize books.n
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nMore importantly, the US General Services Administration (GSA) is also actively investigating the potential of block chains and smart contract technologies to automate processes and operations that require a large number of manual and approved processes.n
nSpecifically, many government agencies around the world, including South America and Asia, are using block-chain technology to create an immutable classified book based on block chains, which can be accessed transparently by sellers, brokers and buyers, So that the real estate industry to achieve automation.n
nAt present, GSA is leading the block chain technology and a series of initiatives related to the industry, which makes the industry development activities continue to increase. Earlier this week, Justin Herman, head of GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology Office, said at a meeting that by creating block-chain themed communities and ecosystems for developers, enthusiasts, companies and investors, The organization is designed to test the applicability of block chains in a wide range of scenarios and to existing platforms.n
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nAmong the many applications that GSA and its researchers are studying, there are a number of applications that are designed to automate the process of building block chains that rely on data, such as facilitating federal funds and transactions, as well as passport issuance and visa verification.n
nAt the meeting, major chain chain organizations, coalitions and government officials, including Coin Center and 100 federal managers, have made more than 100 different block chain technology applications to participating governments. “If you are not involved in the accumulation, sharing and dissemination of data that requires everyone to reach agreement, then you do not need this technology at all.” And stressed that only in the maintenance of strong security, “said Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at Coin Center. Measures, the block chain technology can be effectively and safely implemented.n
nTherefore, taking into account the block chain technology is in the early stages of development and the lack of commercial success stories, GSA representatives in an interview with Nextgov said that the agency is not ready to recognize or advocate the technology.n
nHowever, as Valkenburgh of Coin Center puts it, most companies in the chain chain industry, as well as companies that invest in billions of dollars in sector-chain service providers and block-chain alliances, have been trying to understand the block chain And understand the need for some of the core infrastructure needed to efficiently build a chain-chain platform.n
nHowever, federal agencies, including GSA, DHS and the Ministry of Health and Human Services, will continue to actively investigate the potential of the chain chain by organizing meetings, hacker marathons and funding for innovative start-ups.n

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