US General Services Officer: Block Chain Procurement Prototype Advancing

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nnnStroke: The US Department of General Services developed a block chain prototype can replace the IT project dedicated procurement system FAStlane. Head of the Federal Procurement Service Center of the General Services Department believes that block-chain technology can link the various parts of the entire procurement process to achieve efficient interaction between them.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe US government will soon use the block chain to shorten the IT product procurement bidding process.n
nCoaseDesk reported in June that the General Services Administration (GSA) was also in the early stages of developing a block chain prototype and could replace the IT project-specific procurement system FAStlane in the future. The project is part of the General Services Department’s survey of distributed books, which is part of the US government’s large-scale block-chain project.n
nIn a dialogue with the public sector IT website MeriTalk, Jose Arrieta, head of the Federal Acquisition Service, the General Procurement Service, which oversees the IT procurement process, is bullish on the potential of the technology in the procurement process. He said the FAStlane prototype work continued, and September 30 was a milestone in the proof of process.n
nPerhaps the most important thing is that he believes that within the next month, once the technology is widely deployed, within a few days you can usher in approval.n
nn”One of the most important things about block chains is that it creates transparency and accuracy between the two parties.”n
n”We believe that the use of block chains can reduce the number of days to the number of units.”n
nnArrietta said that on the one hand is the IT procurement process different parts of the “suture” ability, behind the idea is that different parts of the system can be more efficient communication with each other.n

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