US Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses blockchain to discover cryptocurrencies used in drug smuggling

nWalkout Commentary: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement submitted information to the Senate Committee to prove that cryptocurrencies are being used more frequently in the payment of illegal smuggled drugs and has taken a number of steps to track down drug traffickers using cryptocurrencies for concealment. In order to participate in peer-to-peer crypto currency trading people as a breakthrough, find them touch the dark market and criminal networks. Use blockchain technology development tools to identify the true identity behind illegal transactions. All of these initiatives have proved that the move to shield the Armed Forces from attacking the Armed Forces uses crypto-currency underlying blockchain technology to break its core anonymity.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration (ICE) details how to detect illegal drug traffickers using cryptocurrencies to hide traces.n
In a written testimony submitted to the Senate Committee on January 25, ICE Deputy Assistant Director Greg Nevano said the agency saw cryptocurrencies increasingly being used to pay for smuggling of illicit drugs, such as opiate analgesics.n
To combat this growing risk, the agency said it has adopted different strategies to expose drug dealers who use cryptocurrencies to increase the tracking difficulty.n
Nevano wrote in the testimony:n
n”In support of its diverse financial investigations, ICE uses secret technology to penetrate and utilize peer-to-peer cryptocurrency traders, often money laundering criminal networks involved in the dark market.”n
nIn addition, Nevano also mentioned that ICE will use “sophisticated blockchain technology development tools” to analyze cryptocurrency transactions and identify the identities behind these transactions. And the agency has provided training for domestic and international cryptographers to solve related problems.n
Although he did not announce the details of the agency’s cryptocurrency survey, the statement marks the latest move by ICE to study cryptocurrency underlying blockchain technology and divest its core anonymity features.n
CoinDesk reported another testimony filed by the ICE to the Senate committee, fearing that criminal organizations are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to pay for illegal activities or money laundering.n

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