US maritime regulators urge to understand and focus on block chains

nnnIn the design of the district chain technology, which is designed to exclude government regulation, it is necessary for government agencies to understand and familiarize themselves, including the US maritime regulatory body, the US Federal Maritime Commission. But the reality is that the pace of the United States in the field is lagging behind other levels of development in the United States. Maersk Line was hacked, although it was extorted by Bitcoin, but the block chain technology with Bitcoin and the difference, not only that, but also help Maersk such transport companies to resist future attacks. So the company has begun to participate in the block chain research and development.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTransportation and technical experts say the block chain itself is designed to resist regulation, but maritime regulators still need to understand the technical potential of the underlying records of applications such as payment, and how the transport industry uses the technology.n
nGlobal technology and transportation leaders in the June 27 meeting of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC, Federal Maritime Commission) organized the forum, said the United States behind the less developed countries, from Ghana to Russia have been in the monitoring and deployment of block technology. Experts say that if there is no federal-scale measures, government agencies should take responsibility.n
nGerard Dache, chairman of the government blockchain association, a nonprofit organization,n
nn”I will encourage everyone from each government agency to come in because if you do not participate, the government does not understand the systems created by these industries; if the government can not participate, it is as if everyone is going to a party and we have no appointments, Can only stay at home “.n
nnBlock chain risk and security applications and other issues have not yet been resolved, FMC Forum that day, hackers attack Maersk Group (Maersk Group), suspended the company transport and terminal operations, extort the bitter currency.n
nBlockchain Billions of Henrik De Gyor said that the block chain of the bit currency is extortion software attackers choose the currency, the reason is obvious.n
nn”It is decent and totally trusting. It does not depend on banks or other trusted platforms or institutions that are completely decentralized. It is point-to-point, you and I are directly connected.”n
nnBut the block chain also provides security measures that can ultimately prevent blackmail software and similar attacks, providing significant benefits to transport companies and shippers.n
nTechnically, the block chain is a distributed database for maintaining an ever-increasing record. Each block chain contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block. A block chain is usually managed by a point-to-point network, following a protocol that verifies each new block.n
nThe de-centralization of the block chain is the key to its security, because there is no single data record that can be blackmailed. Data or not tamper with, so no one, even the system administrator can not be modified. Converting Data into Numeric Hash Computing Create unique fingerprints that are linked to trading blocks and create unique history that tests and guarantees the authenticity of the chain every 10 minutes.n
nDespite the fact that Maersk’s online booking and terminal operations have been resumed, the problems caused by the attack have not been answered, that is, what role governments or government agencies should play when national ports such as large-scale economic development promoters and maritime terminals are held hostage.n
nWhen the hijackers are entities or people, the role of the state is clear. But if the attacker’s currency can not be tracked, the currency is used to resist the manipulation of bitcoin and block chain technology, then the role of the state is not so clear.n
nDache said:n
nn”This affects governments at all levels, partly because platforms and applications are designed to boycott government, financial institutions and other traditional world order maintaining institutions, and because the platform is new.”n
nnn”Now we do not have the infrastructure, we only have creativity.City chain is the agreement, is the value or creativity, let us think about how to have no third party to participate in the case of banks in the entity transfer value between entities.”n
nnUnlike the United States, other countries’ block-chain application development spans many areas, from licensing to voting and land registration. The US government’s private sector is also lagging behind. Especially in the transport sector, block chain development for cargo visualization, container tracking and financial record maintenance.n
nThis spring, Maersk Line and IBM announced that they have been collaborating on block-chain technology deployments to digitize complex global supply chain paper documents. Will reduce the billions of dollars by eliminating tens of millions of container shipments and wasting time wasting costs.n
nMaersk Line Account Manager Annette Mueller said at the FMC forum:n
nn”All the banking business will be recorded on a book, this system allows us to eliminate inefficient processes, we need to do things very clear.”n
nnMueller says the benefits of the block chain to Maersk are not the reduction in regulatory resistance, but the boycott of the changes. Once the data is recorded in the block, the three backtracks can not be modified unless all subsequent blocks and network connections are modified.n
nn”Now Party A has a contract, we have a contract, we save in our own system. Can eliminate inefficiency. Only one book. Need to do is very clear.”n
nnMaersk also said that the block chain is a “great opportunity” for the company’s business. But it does not mean that there is no risk, this can be seen from the global response to the Maersk attack incident. Mueller, De Gyor and Dache While FMC and other government agencies may not be able to prevent future cyber attacks, or monitor the growth of block chains or Bitcoins. But still understand it, learn its terms and functions, work with the private sector to eliminate the risks inherent in any new system, just as decades ago as the Internet.n
nAfter all, Maersk data was attacked and blackmail the day of the day, when asked about the currency, the majority of government workers on the forum did not know exactly what the bitcover.n

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