US officials want to use block-chain applications for foreign aid

nnnThe United States General Service Administration, which provides assets and information technology services to US federal government agencies and citizens, publishes a new information portal that lists the sector chain technology applications that the federal government may consider. The agency’s chain-related activities are numerous and have received the support and welcome of federal agencies and have collected some of the use cases of these institutions. Such as the Regional Chain Working Group of the Office of the Global Partnership for the State Council.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe GSA, General Services Agency has released a new information portal that lists the block-chain technology applications that the federal government may consider.n
nAt this point the GSA is increasingly open to interest in the block chain technology, and in July it organized a meeting specifically for federal officials, a month ago also revealed that the technology in the integration of its IT procurement system approach.n
nAlthough the relevant project has just begun, GSA said that other federal agencies interested in it.n
n”On July 18, 2017, we organized the first Federal Blockchain Forum in the United States, bringing together more than 100 federal agency managers from dozens of agencies to discuss use cases, limitations and solutions. Submitted their own potential use cases of block chain technology, there are already nearly 200 use cases.n
nPurchasing, foreign aid and visa insurance are only part of the proposed use of different agencies.n
nThe site lists some other suggestions:n
nn1, government fundingn
n2, federal aid and foreign aidn
n3, federal personnel datan
n4, financial managementn
n5, government issued certificates, such as passports, SSN and birth certificatesn
n6, IT assets and supply chain managementn
n7, trademarks, patents and copyrightsn
n8, procurementn
n9, royaltiesn
n10, smart contractn
nnIt is noteworthy that the GSA is not the only institution that studies how the block chains improve government functions.n
nIn June, CoinDesk reported that the US Department of State began collecting interns for the new Block Chain Working Group, Blockchain @ State. The project is under the supervision of the Office of Global Partnerships of the State Council.n

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