US technology giant Intel for bitcoin mining new patent applications

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to submit the documents that the US technology giant Intel has “energy saving and high performance mining bitcoin” filed a new patent.

According to the publication said Intel patent is committed to “use hardware accelerator” to optimize the data path for SHA-256 hash, to bitcoin mining (BTC) to reduce energy consumption by 15%. The paper noted that the SHA engine cluster may consume a lot of power (for example, at a rate greater than 200 W), and added: “the disclosed examples include such SHA engine based on ASIC, the power of bitcoin mining operations consume less.”

According to the blockchain technology network reported that the spring of this year, Intel has filed a patent, the purpose is to reduce the power consumption of mining encryption, “to minimize the energy consumption of each hash, and maximize performance per watt”.

This year, Intel and distributed application platform (DApp) Enigma cooperation, launched its blockchain test network, provide the first environment for end-to-end scalable DApp.

This fall and Intel signed a cooperation agreement aimed at multinational companies for the enterprise software SAP to solve the block chain system provides solutions to support the market gap”. In late October, Intel and hardware start-up companies Ledger cooperation, provide innovative digital currency and block chain application solutions.

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