US Uniform Law Committee to determine the date of the discussion of digital currency rules

nnnnULC (Uniform Law Commission), also known as the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, for the US state to provide non-partisan, strict legislative guidance, to the key state law to bring stability and clarity. The agency announced that it would discuss the issue of encrypted currency regulation at its annual meeting. Provide clear legislative reference and environment for lawmakers.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Uniform Law Commission plans to review digital currency regulation at its upcoming annual meeting.n
nULC is responsible for exploring the unified state law of alternative mobile payment systems, working with digital money as the mission center, and continuing to work for the harmonization of state laws.n
nThe recent issue of the memorandum of the meeting therefore shows that there is much to be done before the publication of regulatory norms and as a state legislator’s guide.n
nThe issues that need to be addressed include how to define the scope of the investment that the start-up company can make, and the definition of the bank.n
nNow, the financial regulators that have been published in states such as Vermont and Illinois have allowed virtual currency firms to invest in assets held by agents, since the burden of these funds is usually considered less.n
nBut the same ULC supports all state lawmakers who solve these problems, making it easier for them to provide a clear environment for entrepreneurs and investors.n
nThese issues may be mentioned at the next annual meeting, July 14 to 20 meeting will be held in California.n

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