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The word “false news” has recently been frequently mentioned. Strictly speaking, the term refers to the purpose of achieving a certain purpose, sometimes for political purposes, the composition of the information or the whole has been altered or packaged. The creation or promotion of false news is not only an active act, but also a negligence: in short, sometimes in order to achieve a goal and selectively report some of the real information.n
nIn response to this false news phenomenon, the natural occurrence of the fact that the examiner. Recently, an article from Vox on this phenomenon mentions the question: who will protect these examiners?n
nAlthough this statement has only been mentioned recently, false news or fake history is not new. With the passage of time and constantly evolve, each society is built on the storage of publicly available information and shared history. Bloomberg’s columnist, Megan McArdle, wrote an article on “False News”, titled “The Infinite Retrogression of Fact Verification.”n
nShe wrote: “The modern version of this problem already exists for at least 2000 years.”n
nHowever, who is assigned to determine the public books, and how these books to ensure that the trust and other issues are open to question. Motivating content creators is a way to solve the problem.n
nThis is also the block chain can solve the problem. The block chain is a shared and timely update of the distributed database, which through some consensus algorithm to ensure its security. The block chain on the bitcoar seems to have solved the false news issue (essentially “debt / credit account”) for its particular application scenario.n
nWith the increasing interest in verifiable facts on the Internet, block-chain technology can provide a new information ecosystem.n
nMotivate content managersn
nHeadquartered in Warsaw, the company, Userfeed, is developing a new solution that uses the principles and methods of Bitcoin and Ethernet Square to create transparent, open, auditable content networks and use digital tokens as rank signals, “Said a statement on the company’s blog.n
nIts basic philosophy is that the current news discovery and content ranking system – including links, praise and support votes – have actually been broken by third parties, and can easily be manipulated by third parties. This makes “false news” in Facebook, Twitter and Google’s news search platform on the top of the very top.n
nThe company’s first product, the Userfeeds engine, was developed based on the Ethernet segment chain, which will enable developers, publishers, and users to run custom content rankings to generate search results, referral processes, news subscriptions, and sponsors link. Its ultimate goal is to create new opportunities for content publishers and developers to go far beyond traditional advertising and subscriptions.n
nThe first product is intended to build a system platform based on digital content to get tokens. These tokens themselves can be exchanged by the user themselves, resulting in time stamp transactions. These transactions can be viewed publicly as links between content creators and the content they produce or manage. In essence, to build a process where the content creator can authenticate and be responsible for the content they create.n
nReputation-based tokens will gain value in their internal classifications and applications, with some liquidity. Because they can trade with other tokens, which can create a mechanism where content creators and managers can earn revenue by sharing verified information. This will ultimately motivate and make the manager’s long-term work possible.n
nLet the world get more truthn
nThanks to this intuitive drive to predict market dynamics, Silicon Valley’s company, Augur, can create more specific and more accurate predictions – providing a solution for media experts and opinion polls to predict errors. But like many other technical people, financial traders and other liberals, they create a fascinating new service on the chain. Augur is still in the testing phase and may eventually enter the truth of the real world into any other online application.n
nIt works as follows: After a group of people join a forecasting market and bet on the results, Augur will pay to others to confirm the results to verify what is happening. But this is not just to pay them a fixed fee. In the block chain, Augur’s logo is to encourage people to improve the accuracy of information. Augur calls this number token “REP”. “This kind of digital currency will not let you buy and sell it, it will track your credibility – that is, track the truth of your truth.We believe that their REP tokens will prove that they are really telling the truth, that report the facts. If most people agree, the system will return their tokens and pay the corresponding cash.Augur for its tokens to provide a clear dividend.When the REP holders for a certain event after the vote (that is, they cast Consistent with the votes), the cost of the market will be distributed to the REP holders (in the way of the ether square.) As the market volume increases, the income generated by the token will also increase.REP tokens to ensure that everyone Working in the direction of the truth.n
nIf Augur has grown to a certain size, it will bring many other possibilities. In this era of false news on Facebook, readers are often difficult to distinguish between online false information and the New York Times on the boutique coverage. Therefore, based on the fact that the creation of digital markets will become a true concept and solution.n
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