Use block-chain technology to protect privacy and increase advertiser bottom line


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nThe privacy of the digital age has been haunting everyone. We have some form of digital identity, and can spread through a variety of channels, which will eventually make the management more challenging. Sometimes, digital identity will be in the hands of a large number of entities holding the information gradually slip away, many of us will eventually lose their traces.n
nBy carefully studying the block-chain technology, we found new potential to maintain privacy. Some people claim that it is risky to share the most secret and confidential documents on a distributed book without a genuine authority. After all, the books are open and transparent, so anyone can get the relevant information. On the other hand, supporters of block chains emphasize the role of cryptography in providing secure storage and managing personal data. Moreover, transparency is the key to fair and honest information delivery.n
nHow is marketing and advertising combined with the block chain? Until recently, this area began to try to apply the block chain technology and tap the potential applications in the creative field. Since we tend to look at the block chain from a financial point of view, we ignore possible applications elsewhere. In view of the block-chain technology is a huge database can not be tampered with, online creative work of mobility will not be destroyed. Similarly, it is possible to conduct marketing activities on the Internet in different forms.n
nToday’s digital advertising practices are quite different from those before, and for those who want fair and transparent advertising, they make some suggestions. The so-called advertising fraud has a different form and size, which mainly includes the cost per click (CPC) or each acquisition (CPA) approach to oppose common rules and norms. Advertisers who pursue marketing campaigns often do not know where their activities are going or how they are going. Such as traffic scams, publishers in the absence of the knowledge of advertisers to buy false traffic, or direct domain name cheating; in this case, advertisers will think that the false site is a reputable publisher, this situation than Ever more common.n
nThe relationship of advertising publishers is based on trust. The contract signed by both parties will naturally have different results, because they are endorsed by business reputation. Even if the publisher seems to be a reputable person, can the creative itself be released where they should be released?n
nTo solve this problem, Los Angeles MetaX innovators want to use block-chain technology to conduct a comprehensive and complete overview of the digital advertising process. Through their “adChain”, MetaX wants to use the concept of a distributed database in a campaign. The database will store information about impressions, participants, media, or locations.n
nMetaX offers the opportunity to track and buy impressions on the internet. More importantly, in the campaign, the impression of each member is encrypted after the broadcast, and then they will approve the release of these impressions. Sales activities can be tracked throughout the network, and MetaX provides an accurate overview of the location and manner in which it is made. Since everything is done through block-chain technology, the impression is irreversible, and everyone in the chain can see and approve them. Due to real-time verification, ad fraud can be instantly identified and blacklisted. In other words, this can prevent it from causing more disastrous consequences.n
nWhen it comes to advertising fraud, the biggest question is how it affects the entire advertising ecosystem. Often, users do not distinguish between real ads and potential malware. However, installing ad blocking software and other software that prevents ad display is more common than ever. This will seriously damage the industry and may cause considerable consequences in the long run.n
nSpeaking of the block chain, its bottom line is for us to provide a new way to deal with information. Whether it is in the creative field or the financial industry, the block chain is not private, but it can be anonymous. Careful observation of our daily life, you will find, before the digital revolution, what is the appearance of privacy, and now what is the appearance. Not many people will be surprised to hear an open database, because in this database, the mobility of the document is transparent. This transparency and anonymity effectively prove the widespread use of block chain technology. Whichever application, the block chain has the potential for each participant to follow the rules.n
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