V God’s legendary life: from Warcraft imps to block chain Wang

 V God's legendary life: from Warcraft imps to block chain Wang

This article from the Vernacular: block chain (ID:hellobtc), author: Peter, the daily planet authorized forwarding.

Today to talk about the man behind the etheric Fang – Vitalik Buterin, lakes called God V xiaoshentong. In the “circle chiefs, he is playing cards” position after Wang, Nakamoto, Chinese “bitcoin richest man” to “Lee, mining tyrants Wu Jihan are under him.

Set all the halo of him, until this year, at the age of 24.

The genius of childhood

In 1994, a small child prodigy in Russia was born in kolomna. The city is not the birth of kolomna, what great man, Wikipedia recorded only a: kolomna hockey player Vladimir Petrov is born, it appears that this place is not outstanding.

The child prodigy’s father Dmitry Buterin is a computer scientist. At the age of 6, his family emigrated to canada.

The child prodigy at a very young age, it shows him in mathematics and programming talent (he seems no less dad taught him, he did the programming) speed is two times of the ordinary people. Of course, like most genius, this talent brought many troubles to him, he was with the small age as a freak, buddies are out of him after school without him a play.

Later, the child prodigy to a private high school in Toronto school. Here, a child prodigy, that is the most interesting and most efficient time in his life “”. Here, the child prodigy, learning fun, not only the excellent lessons, game very smoothly.

From World of Warcraft to bitcoin

The child prodigy began to play World of Warcraft since 13. Can one day in 2010 years, due to an upgrade Blizzard dad, some characteristics of the child prodigy in World of Warcraft’s role was revised, prodigy beishangyujue, then simply put World of Warcraft to delete, strong enough to see his character.

In 2011, his father as a computer scientist, don’t know where that bitcoin, began to give his son Amway. Have to say, his dad look really unique, because bitcoin is only two years old. Of course, the child prodigy is not much, it was only 17 years old. After Dad introduced, prodigy mind only one idea: in the long run, not worth a hair (bitcoin).

After a period of time, he heard people mention bitcoin. This time, bitcoin has successfully attracted the attention of the child prodigy. He decided to take the time to study this thing, this study will not, he was completely fascinated.

Study for a long time, the child prodigy can not think what to do, to enter the industry. At that time, he had no money to buy dollars, there is no machine to dig coins. So, he can not think for a bitcoin to pay the salary of the job. It really let him find help: a media write the manuscript in the forum, each manuscript 5 bitcoin reward.

The child prodigy began writing a happy time, but his article attracted Mihai Alisie (from Romania diehard powder bitcoins) attention. The two of them later co founded the bitcoin magazine, Xiaoshentong served as chief speechwriter, while a student at University of Waterloo, xiaoshentong.

Genius concept, breakthrough bitcoin limited, founded the etheric Fang

In 2013, prodigy went to the United States of California in San Jose, a bitcoin related meeting. Bitcoin enthusiasts gather and come from all over the world, Cameron and Taylor Winkelvoss brothers (the brothers Zuckerberg is suing Facebook for stealing their ideas, and finally won the) to. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the conference was a great success, after a meeting of the “baptism”, see the world of the child prodigy think bitcoin this thing “fuckedup”.

“At that moment, I really burst, I think this thing is very promising, can make!” The day after the child prodigy recalls.

Not long back, he was expelled from school. This year Bill Gate and Zuckerberg as the courage.
Next, he spent six months wandering all over the world: Israel, California, London, Losangeles, Las Vegas, Amsterdam…… he went to visit a bitcoin who want to improve personal and team (perhaps in this period, he visited BM team, both on the bit, the future development direction of bitcoin exchange of views).

This circle turn down, prodigy a bit disappointed. Because he found that we do things is nothing but do some tinkering in bitcoin, bitcoin does not solve the defects fundamentally. He thinks, should give bitcoin plus Turing complete programming language, so that anyone can go to the center of the application in the above development, not only limited to the financial sector.

This view was tantamount to wishful thinking. The child prodigy when he puts his thoughts with other people say, someone may say “good idea”, impatient people simply ignore him.

Young heart hurt child prodigy decided to dry. Back to a month after the home, the child prodigy put his thoughts into a white paper, also has a name: Ethernet square (Ethereum). It is said that the reason for this name, because there is Ether (Ethernet), and Ethernet is a kind of material the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle envisioned. That nineteenth Century is a physicist, it was an imaginary electromagnetic wave propagation medium.

It is not difficult to see, is a child prodigy hundred-percent Geek.

The white paper is finished, the child prodigy was a little worried, after all, their Too Young, their views will be Too Simple, or Naive? You will have some obvious mistakes? So, he put the white paper to a dozen friends, let them help look, find fault pick faults. However, the fact that some of the extra worry xiaoshentong.

Stephan Tual is one of the few people in ten, he later said: “read a small V white paper, I” urine “. My mother asked me why I knelt down, I thought, this guy TM is a genius ah, I have to help him work.” Later, he really joined the team xiaoshentong.

Stephan Tual: as early as in 1996 founded the first Internet Co to own. At the end of 1998 to 2013, served as technical positions in many companies. January 9 1 2014 and 2015 COO, as the etheric Fang team. Last December, he set up a block chain startups own in london.

Looking back at the past, prodigy is feeling, “had to think of the concept of the etheric Fang, my first thought is that this idea is not too perfect? Could not be true? Do other people did not think? I have to find a few professionals for me to throw cold water. However, the past two weeks, no one give me pour cold water, I was shocked!”

A few months later, the child prodigy made a speech on the Miami bitcoin conference, he introduced to the participants the etheric Fang, caused no small sensation. Later, they raised about 31000 bitcoin, for the development of the funds.

In 2015, officially launched the etheric Fang, 21 year old child prodigy. The next step is the story of the etheric everyone for having heard it many times square, here do not introduce too much.

Some interesting things here again about the child prodigy:

In fact, with the Chinese prodigy have origin, he had met Shen Bo, a former chief scientist of the distributed capital was Shen Bo’s (Xiaoshentong resigned as chief scientist of the distributed capital positions in this year’s time), and small V Chinese is pretty good, it was said that he only spent a few months time to learn Chinese.

V had the skin are not spit to eat a lemon. Some people say he is autistic, and hearsay says he all property can be put into a suitcase. In 2017, a net outflow of news, said V died in a car accident, Ethernet square prices dropped, later confirmed that this is a false news.

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