Vacation tourists turn to use bitcoin to combat beach inflation

nnnAccording to Fox News, Venezuela and India and other countries, the value of the local currency gradually fell, resulting in the local citizens of their loss of confidence, instead of using foreign currency and other currency to protect their own from the further impact of inflation. A variety of political and economic events will affect the exchange rate of different countries, so the price of each beach will have a different total cost. According to financial experts, Bitcoin has the ability to combat inflation, so that consumers can enjoy more stable prices.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nFox News reports that more and more citizens living in economic and political chaos are turning to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Citizens such as Venezuela and India are falling because of the local monetary value, and they have lost confidence in the local currency and turned to the shelter of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Darling.n
nConsumers seek higher valuen
nTravelbird’s Beach Price Index shows how currency changes affect the monetary value of destination countries.n
nnTotal price = $ sunscreen $ water $ beer $ ice cream $ lunchn
nnSince there are several factors that affect the exchange rate of the countries concerned, the value of traditional currencies fluctuates greatly. Political and economic events can also affect the exchange rate of different countries, which is the price of each beach will bring different costs of the reasons.n
nAnd because vacationers and consumers pay more attention to seeking higher value for money, many people turn to use encrypted money to protect themselves from the further impact of inflation and get higher monetary value.n
nUse Bitcoin to combat inflationn
nFinancial experts believe that, in fact, Bitcoin has the ability to combat inflation. An economist professor, Panos Mourdoukoutas, explains why bitbells have beaten other investments, such as stocks, bonds, and even beyond gold in some ways:n
nn”Bitcoin in 2016 a ride away, the stock, bonds and gold far behind, its value tripled, while the S u0026 P 500 index (S

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