Value 16 billion, 600 thousand bits of currency transfer, the big crocodile in the stock still want to sell?

16 billion yuan worth of bitcoin capital transaction, is very attractive.

From the beginning of November 30th to early December 5th, more than 10 balances are more than 10 thousand large bitcoin wallet address, are all empty. These bitcoin end has been compiled separately for each of the addresses bitcoin balances are for 8000 gold.

The pursuit of the perfect operation, dubbed “Virgo buy currency”.

Curiously, the amount of a huge number of bitcoins who operate behind the scenes.

“It felt like someone to buy a large number of coins, and distributed storage”, but also may be “exchange in distributed storage of money”, belongs to the normal operation.

It is Australia the Cong? He had threatened to anger bitcoin.

1, 60 million bitcoin transaction

From the beginning of November 30th to early December 5th, the market found that the more than 10 balances are more than 10 thousand large bitcoin wallet address suddenly active, only after a transfer, put in the bitcoin wallet address all empty. There are two address the balance of more than 60 thousand bitcoins.

These changes address and an obvious feature is that only a transfer transaction.

These are the collective empty bitcoin gone?

After tracking wallet address transactions found that these large bitcoin end has been to collect more than one wallet address. Surprisingly, each address bitcoin balances are full of 8000 bitcoins.

The balance of 8000 bitcoin wallet address similar to a total of 77, a total of 616 thousand gold coins, with the current price, equivalent to about 16 billion 376 million yuan.

This wave of trading operations also ridicule, “Virgo” for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At the same time, these addresses bitcoin balance by snapshot in bit cash bifurcate, so also got the same number of bits of cash.

By tracking one 1EBHA1ckUWzNKN7BMfDwGTx6GKEbADUozX address found in the wallet are a bit of cash out, eventually collect 30 thousand pieces of each wallet address, similar to address 25, a total of 75 thousand bits of cash, equivalent to 720 million yuan.

Coincidentally, in December 06 on the morning of 00 34, ETH 1 large transfers $25449707. PeckShield tracked at the beginning of the 0xbf09d7 address for the Ethernet address in the creation of whale square, on 19 November at the beginning of the 0x0a0fed address into 115 thousand pieces of ETH, and in November 21, at the beginning of the 0xe44152 address into 91 thousand ETH. The creation of 436 thousand ETH address emptied in half a month.

Abnormal transfer occurred frequently recently, let the market nerves tense again.

2, the man who is?

In V, noticed that a large wallet address change with Jiang drow. He thinks, “feel like someone bought a large number of coins, and distributed storage”, but he also raised another possibility of “exchange currency in distributed storage”.

Whether or not the recharge of faith, more people in the market believe. This is “store big money” for. Investors said it seems that rich people quietly hoard coins”. More people to brag about it, “said is true, several bosses are to play hundreds of millions to buy bitcoin”.

77 balance bitcoin wallet address for 8000 pieces, all people fall into a reverie, investors said, “love this virgo”.

It will be distributed storage of currency exchange?

According to the transaction website search engine tracking display, since the beginning of December 4th, BTC appeared to be as high as 96 thousand of the account migration, the whale address in the 65 thousand BTC was dispersed into neat 661 pieces each, and then dispersed into 10 pieces each, and then converge to a new wallet address, each new address within the BTC wallet the balance of 8000.

The site analysis, the BTC transfer is combined with capital account consolidation behavior established exchanges.

However, the query labeled three exchanges wallet address: Bitfinex_cold, Huobi, Binance found that these exchanges wallet address transferred into the transactions are more frequent. The recently created Binance wallet also has undergone several transfer transactions.

Bitfinex exchange and cold wallet already exists in 1 2017 years, it has occurred more than 5000 transactions, and each month has occurred with the transfer, it is empty that bitcoin wallet address feature is not consistent. Some analysts believe that the exchange will not lead to frequent account and finishing procedures Federzen.

3, is Australia the Cong?

Recently, BCH ABC and SV community differences, the two camps quarreling, claiming to realize the vision of the Macao the Cong Cong CSW branch BSV, ABC and SV of the “force war” has ended.

While large transfers the bitcoin and bit cash has attracted the attention of the BSV community. Bitcoin[SV]Houston tweeted that, a wallet address turn away 6.6 million bitcoins and a bit of cash, but BSV does not move. Suggesting that the market is selling BTC, BCH.

He said, “this Virgo also mobile (Tun?) 540 thousand BCH (BTC 344 thousand), no mobile (Tun?) BSV. Of course, CSW can say “Hi party sellers reluctant to sell BSV”.

Some investors said, the market performance is the most convincing. “SV on the second half of the month, the price increases, while the ABC line for half a month since the price cut, and cut after continuous innovation is still low, and the SV community leader really strong belief.”

It is worth noting that Australia had earlier said the Cong bitcoin will zapan, “we can sell a large number of BTC”.

4, hoard coins or sell?

The bear could not bear any wind sways grass market is quite concerned about is that, the owner of these wallet address what is in store money does not move, or wait for the time to focus on selling.

In December 5th Yanchel issued a document that the 616 thousand BTC and 750 thousand BCH the mystery of Virgo is probably buying hoard coins. He analyzed that the Mentougou Stock Exchange (Mt.Gox) before its bankruptcy also accounted for the global bitcoin trading volume 70%, according to the data after the bankruptcy, deposit money is hundreds of thousands, currently no transaction all 616 thousand coins, unlike the exchange behavior. But the “big brothers” in 2013 has already begun to hoard money.

According to the recent market, bitcoin is in a slump after concussion. Large transfers at the beginning of November 30th, bitcoin is below $3500 after the rebound nearly 12% of second days. Time is really a coincidence.

Investor sentiment has been from sticking to $4000, becoming 3000 hunters, and even that will fall below $1000. In the market after the crash, the traditional media is once again declared bitcoin death”.

It is worth mentioning that the wallet address as early as 2013 at the end of the year to have a large number of bitcoin, then bitcoin is only $500. The Virgo friend apparently experienced 2014-2015 years of money circle big bear market test.

The panic, perhaps some people have begun to greedy approach.

Is it?

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