Varna School of Management in Bulgaria offers bitcoin scholarship

nRunaway Comment: Bulgaria Varna School of Management announced that ten applicants in the school’s undergraduate software engineering program will receive a scholarship of € 1,000 in Bitcoin. This year several colleges and universities are starting to accept bitcoin to pay tuition fees or set up courses, including New York University, University of Lucerne, Switzerland.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
This week Bulgaria’s International Business School – Bulgaria’s Varna University of Management – announced that ten applicants for a bachelor’s degree in software engineering at the school will receive a bitcoin scholarship. Students will have the option of issuing a Euro 1000 scholarship in bitcoin.n
VUM: “Supporting and Integrating Bitcoin is Our Rational Choice”n

Recently, many colleges and universities began bitcoin courses, you can use this to the centralization of the currency to pay tuition and materials fees. Recent reports that Swiss vocational school Lucerne University accepts bitcoin to pay tuition. New York University (NYU) also plans to set up an undergraduate cryptocurrency program. VUM now plans to offer Euro 1000 scholarships to ten applicants. Bitcoin scholarship payments will be based on student background and past performance.n
n”VUM is pleased to announce that starting from the fall semester of 2018, ten applicants of a Bachelor of Software Engineering will have access to bitcoin scholarships.”n
nn”We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is an inevitable development that will bring major innovations to all aspects of our lives.VUM is a future-oriented, innovative university that uses Bitcoin as our rational choice.We have long been committed to IT And business courses to introduce transformative technology, of course, cryptocurrency is one of them. “n
Bitcoin offers great opportunitiesn

VUM currently plans to pay for tuition and accommodation using Bitcoin and will soon be able to complete its implementation plan. And the school’s computer science department will add more modules that will cover digital assets and blockchain technology. These will join VUM’s existing Undergraduate Software Engineering course.n
n”VUM will be the only qualified university offering bitcoin scholarships and we believe we have the opportunity to attract some of the most talented students.”n
nn”We believe Bitcoin offers tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth, and we want to see our beloved country harnessing its strong human capital to become a leader in the digital revolution. It can create a brand new for VUM and throughout Bulgaria Industry and thousands of new jobs. “n
nIn addition to VUM, more and more universities use bitcoin, including the University of Cumbria in the UK, University Business School ESMT Berlin in Berlin, King’s College in New York, Cyprus University of Nicosia.n

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