Venture capital can from bitcoin startups to see the future

Venture capital can from bitcoin startups to see the future

The California gold rush, once again, this time the target gold is called by some digital gold bitcoin — because of the limited amount of features.

Although the market is unknown, venture capitalists can still be from some bitcoin companies see the future. For example, startup Vaurum received $4 million in seed funding from Bartley, Tim Draper Steve Keith, venture capital and other places.

Vaurum is a bitcoin from Artaud, Palo American start-up company, it through the bank and brokerage transactions, store and provide bitcoin to their customers to operate their own trading platform. Bitcoin continues to win the trust, last week, Bloomberg began offering market dynamic bitcoin for their more than 320 thousand users worldwide.

North America leads the trend in the global Bitcoin startups and venture capital, the whole area has more than 50% start-ups and venture capital in the world 75%. This is not surprising, bitcoin startups in 29% from Silicon Valley, this high-tech hotbed just last weekend at the Sunnyvale held their own bitcoin recruitment. The same week Australia venturecapitalist FutureCapital bitcoin fund raised $30 million.

So far, Bitcoin start-ups have raised a total of about $20 billion this year alone, their size is expected to reach $30 billion. How long would it be investors would be shouting “go, my bitcoin!” ?

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