Venture capital geek Peter Till: bitcoin is a breakthrough technology invention

Venture capital geek Peter Till: bitcoin is a breakthrough technology invention


In the eyes of Peter Till only two companies, the first is the monopoly of the company, they are only doing this thing, so they are in a very favorable position, the company’s profits are very high; second kinds of frenzied competition, it is difficult to make the business development results very well. In the case of Google, he believes that Google is particularly successful is because establishing some form of monopoly.

According to Peter Till’s own personal observation, many in Google out of business in the past ten years, but the success of the people is very rare, because they have made achievements in Google, but in fact they don’t really know the secret Google, hire the smart people, provide free massage and sushi, advocating individuality with the innovation of corporate culture…… The key factor in the highfalutin and Google success, the key to the success of Google is achieved through technological innovation in the field of search engine monopoly.

In the field of interactive sessions Jack meeting with Mr. Pete on the current bitcoin’s current performance and future development trend of a brief exchange. Peter Till finally said: bitcoin is a breakthrough technology invention, also his development is jumping, rather than follow the prescribed order, we expect bitcoin more surprises to us in the real world changing process.”

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