Veteran companies, technology tycoons, major countries, the value of more than bitcoin

nRunaway Comment: Bitcoin market value now exceeds many of the big companies we know, such as McDonald’s, General Electric and so on. So what exactly is bitcoin in the market today? In order to make people have a clear understanding of this article lists ten things worth over bitcoin, which not only companies, including even the super-rich and well-known countries. Although Bitcoin may not guarantee this sustained growth given the volatility of virtual currencies, the value of change is undoubtedly important.n
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You’re probably no stranger to bitcoin, and it’s often in the news now that it’s over 8000, not $ 9,000 … right, and so on, now? It’s hard to keep up with the skyrocketing price. No one knows what happens to bitcoin a day, a week, or a year later. But for now, its market value has outweighed the value of well-known brands and celebrities listed below.n

Bigger, stronger, bettern
In 1966, John Lennon called the Beatles better known than Jesus, sparking controversy. 51 years later, bitcoin has reached this level. It may seem childish to tout bitcoin’s market cap over what the schoolboy argues about his father. But this effectively reflects the current phase of Bitcoin and helps to quantify this intangible asset.n
Four years ago today, the price of bitcoin exceeded $ 1,000 for the first time. This milestone does not seem like anything now, and bitcoin’s value has increased by 100 billion only in the last month of this month. In terms of value, this fictitious currency is already more powerful than some well-known institutions and major countries.n
Bitcoin’s value has surpassed PayPal a few weeks ago and according to current trends, its market value quickly becomes twice that of the payment giant.n

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