Vicat coin church sells coins to cut leeks for five years

Samoa, a South Pacific island country, is located in the middle of Hawaii and New Zealand. It is the core of Polynesia islands.
Recently, a virtual currency called onecoin broke away from the tranquility of this island country with only 200000 people. We found that some people in many cathedrals were selling Vicat coins. This month, the Central Bank of Samoa and the New Zealand Financial Intelligence Agency (nzfia) filed a complaint that Vicat laundered money from Samoa according to New Zealand, attracted people to participate in its mixed Ponzi pyramid scheme, and even precisely infiltrated the pyramid marketing organization into the main church.
This is only a microcosm of the Vicat coin that has been charged with crimes all over the world. In India, 22 vikat initiators have been arrested, and in March 2021, the FBI arrested one of the founders of the vikat, who was charged with billions of dollars in fraud.
In April 2018, blockbeats informed the causes and consequences of Vicat’s MLM organizations in China, with more than one million reading on major websites in the article “this currency has cheated 7 billion in China, and countries around the world have banned it, but people can’t stop people jumping in.”.
In May 2018, Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau cracked the “Vicat” super large wechat online pyramid selling case, which was listed and supervised by the Ministry of public security. 119 suspects were arrested, and nearly 15 billion RMB were involved in the case.
Unlike other pyramid selling organization coins, which have been active for only a few months, Vicat coins have been around for five years, and they still show signs of strong vitality. There are more than 200 countries in the world, more than 3 million people, more than tens of billions of US dollars in assets, who have participated in the Vicat trick, and even the South Pacific island country of Samoa, which has a population of only 200000, has not been spared.

The money of the world’s pyramid selling organization which has not died in five years
If you make a ranking list for global pyramid schemes, Vicat will surely compete with MMM scams.
Vicat is a data digital currency with a total output of 120 billion yuan, which will be imported into China in 2014. It was originally founded by a Bulgarian woman in 2014 called onecoin, which runs its data encryption virtual currency pyramid marketing organization around the world.
It claimed at a party in a hotel restaurant that it had made 300 millionaires in a year, but in fact, the company, which serves four continents, is likely to have cheated more than three million people.
Unlike the real virtual currency of data encryption, the Vicat code system offered by onecoin is not open-source, and adopts decentralized accounting, so the input volume and transfer transaction information are not completely transparent; The total distribution method of token is to get the total and specific amount of token profit by withdrawing from the number of customers and the development trend. And in this ever-changing data encryption virtual currency sales market, it will serve to promise you: only up but not down.
Under such tempting slogans, every time Vicat enters a country, it will immediately and attract the attention of the staff of traditional MLM organizations. Because they find that this kind of data encryption virtual currency is more suitable for MLM organization. It is a simulation device with high style, good deception, strong concealment and cost saving. As a result, it has gradually become an elite team of Vicat coin’s brand endorsement in the local area, pulling Hupi as a banner.
In the world, there are more than 200 countries in China and more than 3 million people have participated in the fraud. This means that, on average, there will be 15000 people in China who have been actively or passively deceived.
In March 2021, the FBI said in the arrest of one of the founders of Vicat: “Onecoin is a kind of digital currency, which only exists in the minds of its founders and conspirators. Unlike the real digital currency, which stores the information of investors’ trading history, onecoin has no specific use value. It can not provide investors with a way to track their assets or purchase anything. In fact, the only person who can benefit from this is its Founders and conspirators. “
Due to the popularity of Vicat in four continents, the contents of the crackdown and containment activities around the world are also busy falling. Several enterprises that have relations with Vicat pyramid schemes have been investigated by law enforcement agencies in China, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvian, Estonian and many other countries.
The accusation of vikat issued by the organization of Samoa and New Zealand is just one of the strong direct evidence that the currency is still sweeping around the world. Even the South Pacific island countries with only 200000 people are not immune.
According to the New Zealand financial intelligence agency, there may have been 3.5 million New Zealand dollars transferred to Samoa according to the Vicat currency. At this stage, New Zealand has already banned the trading of all Vicat coins.

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