Vice presidents of African holding companies called for the central bank to replace Bitcoin with Bitcoin

nRunaway Comment: The Internet era to learn new things to reduce the threshold, and built on the Internet based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency can also be free to learn. It’s just that avant-garde is not something that anyone can understand and use. Just as bitcoin nodes cover the world today, there is still a gap in Africa. So a vice president of a large African enterprise called on social media to urge African central banks to get rid of the excessive dependence on the U.S. dollar and increase bitcoin investment. Measuring the need for such an adventure from the risk and reward expectations.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
With fears of a devaluation of the dollar and the fact that many African countries rely on dollar cash reserves, Papa-Wassa Chiefy Nduom, vice president of Groupe Nduom, a major financial holding company, set out on LinkedIn and Twitter not to rely too much on the dollar but to step up bitcoin investment.n

It is unnecessary to prolong the enormous suffering of the population in the continentn
Nduom asked on LinkedIn, “What if the mainland eventually reached a consensus on the new digital reserve assets and found ways to use it to invest in infrastructure.” “The dollar worries him, and experts say it’s going down,” especially this year. This is especially a fears in Africa, as many countries rely on the U.S. dollar, and if no measures are taken, the double-digit decline is expected to result “in no need to extend the enormous suffering of the continent’s population” and will soon happen.n
An alternative supported by Nduom is to increase Bitcoin investment. In his own case, he said, “I am a lawyer, a member of a family business group, an insignificant investor, and my only interest in this bluff is a globalist phobosis of darkness.” “Bitcoin nodes have global coverage but Africa is a clear dark spot. Africa has been lagging behind.”n
More than just speculative tools, Nduom sees bitcoin as an opportunity for Africa to have no borders and builds a less-than-arbitrary political bloc. The independent leader of Ghana calls it “the United States of Africa.” Bitcoin may also hedge the corruption of local governments, saying that such corruption can easily steal legal currency reserves. “It would not be easy if it was a reserve on the public blockchain, because blockchain has never been on the decline and blockchain data can also be freely distributed in satellite networks.”n
n”Citizens can set warnings at addresses, steal injunctions from political conventions, and eventually you can borrow money to build what they desperately need.”n
Do not want to shake the tail beggingn
He recently told Modern Ghana he has called on the Ghanaian central bank to bet Bitcoin on a 1% reserve. “Regarding the investment case, what we need is more investment capital for the central bank, especially the countries that need to solve the problem. My point is that we can make good investment signals by investing.” He stressed, “For example, if the exchange was incorporated in Ghana, digital currency trading would not have to pay tax or capital gains tax, but would levy EIT tax, which could allow a massive influx of foreign currency into Ghana.”n
He confined the study to 13 African countries, basically English-speaking countries, and shifted the over-dependence on the dollar partly on cryptocurrencies to regain its balance, a completely risk-taking gamble. If the repercussions get any direction, his tweet has spread quickly with this effect, and has now earned more than 70,000 likes.n
n”I’ll look for central bank bankers, who at first say they are reluctant to continue bawling and then venture into this new, unlicensed, robust and extendable global financial ecosystem.” Everything we need to learn can be done at Get Free Online. “n

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