Vietnam bitcoin mining equipment has soared more than 7000 of imported ore

Vietnam bitcoin mining equipment has soared more than 7000 of imported ore


According to the Customs Department revealed that the number of known mining ore imports in 2017 to Vietnam has more than 7000 units, mostly from China, has imported more than 5000 Taiwan machine since November. In Vietnam is to limit the use of bitcoin as a means of payment at the same time, mining equipment is not in the list of prohibited goods.

Imports of more than 7000 mining machine

According to Hu Zhiming, the Customs Department, from early 2017 to mid December, 7005 bitcoin mining machine clearance.

Previously, the Department announced that during the period from January 1st to October 31st, the Department received a total of 1988 import declaration, the value of $2 billion 182 million.

Then, from the beginning of November 2017 to December 21st, the number of imported ore mining in Vietnam and an increase of 5527, the total reached 7005 units of imported ore. There is news that the 5527 machines mostly through the 8 institutions and individuals from China imports.

Not to prohibit mining equipment

Vietnam customs had asked the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of information and communication and the Ministry of trade and industry comment on mining equipment imports. The central bank confirmed that bitcoin mining machine “and other encryption currency has nothing to do with the use of virtual currency as a means of payment”. Therefore, they do not belong to the national bank management functions and tasks”.

Subsequently, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice specifying mining machine is not in a list of prohibited items. Vietnam times stated:

The Customs announced bitcoin mining machine is not in the list of goods after the state regulations prohibit the import, the number of machines in the last two months of imports this year soared to more than 5000.

Mining equipment may be prohibited in the future

NguyenHoangMinh, deputy governor of the State Bank of Vietnam said bitcoin and other encryption currency is not the legitimate means of payment in vietnam. Therefore, the ban, supply and use of bitcoin and other virtual currency as a means of payment.

Sources pointed out that some enterprises and individuals about imports of mining equipment will also be prohibited.

Hu Zhiming, the Customs Department has suggested Vietnam customs machine “do not import these types”. But so far, the General Administration of customs and relevant departments have imported mining equipment for the exchange of documents.

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