[View] openANX technical director: nurturing the community is significant

nnnnIt is not easy to build trust for “trust” technology and trading platform. The openANX project shows that after the sale of tokens, it will continue to work hard to educate the audience and raise their awareness of the way better to encrypt currency transactions, which is critical to the development of the platform. openANX these practices, perhaps for the operation of similar projects, has some inspiration.n
nn”Community development is an important part!” OpenANX’s tokens offer a record, in the first 10 minutes to reach the soft ceiling, in 3 hours to buy more than 15 million US dollars; during the project leader constantly check Number of participants, regardless of purchase amount more or less. In order to prevent the big monopoly, they said: “continue to open tokens on sale, so that even those who send 0.1 ETH can participate.” Position is clear: a large number of retail, high participation rate, can constitute a large community.n
nAlthough the market speculators did not hesitate to focus on the purchase amount to determine whether the project was successful, but the project leader to adhere to open, transparent and to the center of the road, such a decision has its considerations.n
nSo far, more than 3,800 people in the OAX tokens in the sale of ETH. When openANX is launched, existing users of the ANXPRO trading platform will be able to choose to move to openANX, whose prototype will be released in the second quarter of 2018. The team began with thousands of people, hoping to grow into a large community of millions.n
nopenANX team said that they will be people-oriented, firm belief, to achieve the project objectives. Through constant updates and timely notification, meetings and forums in the two-way communication, to mobilize supporters to actively understand and focus on platform development progress.n
nThe openANX technical director, Hugh Madden, answered questions from major Italian users during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) meeting on Monday night to answer questions and solve technical questions.n
nnIt is not easy to build trust for “trust” technology and trading platforms. Continuing efforts to educate the audience and raise their awareness of the way of better ways to encrypt currency transactions, openANX has the innovative characteristics of aggregated liquidity, collateralized asset gateways and chain dispute resolution mechanisms that are critical to the development of this platform.n
nnAs part of the openANX platform education, during the pre-sale period, the team released a project participation guide, which provides a detailed description; it is learned that openANX soon will soon release another easy-to-understand guide for users to register on the platform account. The team believes that the convenience of users, the adoption of user recommendations, is to establish relationships with community members and open the dialogue.n
nIn order to win every opportunity, seek the supporters’ opinions and suggestions. Prior to the launch of the OAX tokens, the team greeted hundreds of enthusiastic supporters in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong. openANX said the future hope to be able to meet with users around the world. The team is committed to working with anytime, anywhere community.n
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