Virginia legislators study the blockchain in government matters

nRunaway Comment: Virginia State legislature recently expressed the hope that the establishment of a research group to study the impact of the implementation of blockchain technology in government services. On January 23, the state legislator proposed a House Joint Resolution ?, and if the resolution is passed, a sub-committee will be set up to study blockchain technology to explore ways to use the technology to improve government Operation.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The U.S. lawmaker in Virginia wants to set up a research group to study the impact of blockchain technology on government services.n
A House Resolution, proposed on January 23, if passed, will set up a subcommittee to study blockchain technology and explore how it can be used to improve government operations, including data logging, information storage As well as service delivery.n
The proposal pointed out the specific scope of the study, including the feasibility of the detection technology to achieve, to explore the estimated time to achieve as well as the realization of the impact assessment. Other focus areas will also cover case studies and how to adapt Virginia’s existing laws to promote blockchain development in the region.n
Records show that so far the bill has been submitted to the Committee on Rules (Committee on Rules).n
The bill mentions that the research team may not have the official budget, but the House of Representatives will set up a digital currency wallet to start a private donation for the job.n
A few days before this legislative proposal, Senators in Virginia just moved a motion to study the effects of cryptocurrencies on the lives of Virginia residents, all of which may reflect the legislature’s interest in studying the potential of information technology in blockchain To thicken.n
In addition, other states around West Virginia are equally interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research.n
Similarly, another House resolution that was launched on January 23 also called on West Virginia’s Government Finance Committee to “learn bitcoin and study its future and its potential impact on states, cantons and businesses.” The bill has now been submitted to the House Banking and Insurance Committee (House Banking

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