Virtual land sales in a week more than 100 million U.S. dollars, the universe is really hot?

People’s interest in the meta universe industry (such as virtual land resources and virtual real estate industry) has become popular. Virtual land resources demand surge, Yuan universe investment in real estate is really “hot”.
Within a week (November 22 – November 28), the total sales revenue of land resources is more than 100 million US dollars, and the yuan universe seems to be able to make more and more money. Please bear in mind that the definition of meta universe is not an independent service platform. Just like Facebook’s behavior of renaming meta as “the tip of the iceberg” of meta universe, meta universe has been led to popularity, involving many sectors and industries, and has been rapidly improved.
Now, let’s talk about the virtual land resources.
What is virtual land resources?
Virtual land resources are real estate in the yuan universe. Each piece of land is given a unique and unrepeatable non unitary Dai coin (NFT) to distinguish each land from each purchase. Land resource dealers and customers can purchase / sell in the primary / secondary market of the service platform, and use virtual houses for housing or commercial services.
(metauniverse: 3D online virtual service platform, where you can play games, work, and buy and sell digital currency, etc.)
(digital currency: Data Bi or Bitcoin One of them is equivalent to “money” in the illusory world
Key gamers
Business land resource distributor (i.e. game developer, such as decntraland, the sandbox, etc.).
Customers – digital currency companies, stars, shareholders (such as metaverse group virtual real estate company, digital currency and Yuan universe real estate developers, fashion brands LV, Gucci, Burberry, Adidas, etc.)
How hot is the virtual land resource?
According to dappradar’s sales data, within a week, the total revenue of four new projects in the universe was 106 million US dollars. The key is the surge in sales of the sandbox, decentraland, cryptovoxels and Somnium space, which attracted about 6000 investors.
Log in NFT trading volume within 7 days.
Among them, the sandbox has the largest total sales (US $86.56 million) and its closest competitor is decentraland (US $15.53 million). Compared with competitors, cryptovoxels (US $2.68 million) and Somnium space (US $1.1 million) are less relative to investors.
On November 30, a virtual land resource in sandbox was sold for $4.3 million, setting a new record of virtual land transaction in the yuan universe, breaking away from the previous decentraland virtual land resource market sales record of “outperforming the Manhattan house price”.
Sandbox games is an evolution of Sandplay games, creating a game category, which is composed of one or several terrain map areas. It usually includes a variety of mobile game factors, including role-playing games, posture, shooting, safe driving, etc. Can improve or harm or even build the world is the sandbox game characteristics. Making is the main game playing method of this kind of mobile games. It uses the things given in the game to produce the original items of game players. (photo: the sandbox website)
Decentraland is an online virtual service platform of blockchain technology promoted by Ethereum blockchain. It was released in February 2020. After purchasing “virtual land resources” on the network platform, you can build your own virtual house, create your own famous brand, or display your own non functional personal collection of games. (photo: Official Website of decentraland)
Cryptovoxels is a virtual world and meta interior space, which is provided by Ethereum blockchain. Game players can purchase land resources and build shops and art galleries.
Somniumspace is a virtual reality game service platform in the United States, focusing on the application of VR technology to games, and gradually combining VR technology with the blockchain technology industry. Customers have virtual land use rights on the network platform, and can purchase and customize their own land resources and create anything they expect.
What are the characteristics and values of virtual land resources?
1. Scarce resources
That is to say, “limit land resources”, and scarce resources are conducive to the appreciation of use value. Just as the Internet technology may be endless, but the meta universe is not. The total amount of soil in each global (service platform) in the meta universe is relatively limited, and there is no further improvement of land resources. Therefore, only a part of people still have the opportunity to obtain land resources. Both of them have a limited quantity, and the definition is similar to that of BTC. Once the total amount is achieved, it is not easy to increase.
(for example, “I have you or not”, can also be interpreted as the representative of property influence and real identity.)
2. Capital construction and management of land resources
According to the basic construction of high-quality land resources, export good specific content, good management attracts more game players, game players will make this place cause immeasurable use value.
(for example: to create and operate shopping centers, universities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, stadiums, art galleries, etc., all you need to do here is to complete and gradually promote profits, and generate steady development.)
3. Famous brand
To create brand use value, promote the real world economic development, develop well-known brands and improve the new runway.
(such as: Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Burberry, LV and other well-known brands are all in contact with metauniverse to explore new strategies for improving well-known brands.)
Nike has become one of the first core well-known brands embracing meta universe in all aspects. Nikeland is a customized 3D globe set in the data version number of its global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Nikeland’s immersive experience website space in roblox game service platform is built for customers to play, compete in the market… And purchase Nike weapons.
What can virtual land resources do?
He Weifeng, founder of the yuancosmos green ecological education cloud platform – Asia Lianxin group, said, “buying virtual land on different service platforms can be interpreted as renting land in different big cities. Each service platform has its own price and evaluation index. If you want to purchase, you need to use the service platform’s rate to obtain a locally recognized Dai currency, such as sandbox’s” sand “and decentraland’s “Mana” and so on. Later, the land can be mortgaged or transferred, or leased, which can cause “use value”.
Since the invention of blockchain application, obtaining the right to use virtual property has become a transaction rule. In this virtual system, the data transformed by customers can be traded in the natural environment. Buying and selling is in the illusory world, and the payment method is also data or digital currency.

Here’s what you can do with virtual land resources
1. Develop and design virtual land resources and create good management, such as capital construction of large shopping malls or shops. (according to their own or hire virtual land resources real estate developers to develop and Design)
2. Operating or leasing land resources to other companies
3. Hold meetings, social media gatherings
4. Profit from selling land resources
5. Pledge virtual land resource assets
6. Establish and operate amusement parks
In today’s period, it is difficult for most people to imagine their daily life without Internet. Game entertainment and fashion trend industries are the two hot runways of the meta universe. Investors are looking forward to making a profit at this time. Therefore, the virtual world trading house is very open to the outside world, not limited to well-known brands, but also to the community and even myself. This can also be used to explain why the company and celebrity stars have made a high-profile move to decentraland.
In real life, we all want the country to be peaceful and the people are safe. Virtual land resources can create a large number of independent innovation business processes. It is also a rigid demand, which causes the “real estate investment fever” of the yuan universe.
Since February 2021, illustrator Singh has purchased a virtual land on cryptovoxels and built his own art gallery. He has made more than $1 million from NFT selling his masterpieces.
The tide of the meta universe has already arrived
In the VR three-dimensional virtual world, the data real estate sales market continues to rise. With the gradual development of the meta universe, virtual real estate users even cooperate with the creation of brands, occupying a place in the meta universe.
Just a few days ago, Jack Dorsey will quit his job as CEO of Twitter to focus on square’s diligence in data encryption. Square also renamed it block to indicate its future key ownership.
With more and more people involved in the meta universe industry, the current meta universe service platform will also step into the training in the future, and there are many areas to be sound and strive for.
The metauniverse will eventually consist of a series of illusory worlds. Nowadays, some enterprises have participated in the development and design of virtual industry. In the future, consumers of this industry will gather together to create a meta universe that can work, mobile games, business and social media.

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