Visa enabled the bitcoin network improved car rental service

Visa enabled the bitcoin network improved car rental service

To go abroad to play, to do some homework for the car. But the experience may not be too good, as in an airport car rental queue or go to a nearby car rental company by the clerk to snatch. For car rental companies, this way of working, but also spend the cost of manpower and time.

Now, you just need to look ahead of the car rental company, and then choose the car on the line. Sitting in the car, buy insurance contract, all can be done in a car on the screen, and the data can be updated in real time to the car rental company, the insurance company and the payment mechanism. Zhayiting very convenient, but safe? The local network operators and fast enough?

This is the credit card brand Visa and electronic signature portfolio company DocuSign latest attempt.

Access to the Visa vehicle system is not what. The Mobile World Congress in July this year (MWC), the company was put forward for auto mobile payment solutions.

DocuSign and the start-up company is doing the electronic signature. Through their systems, needs the signature confirmation documents like email, in which the modification and re confirmation, and in the cloud backup. Complete the signature on the touch screen will move the equipment, but also with the personal seal or seal.

This signature system and will be for each car rental companies customized digital label, it together to the center of the car trading network. The use of the technology is that bitcoin trading network kernel: “data block chain (blockchain)”.

You can see it as a publicly visible to all the books. No accounting specialized institutions, all users a real-time record of each transaction, no person or company can control the situation. In the user base large enough, at different node, after your trading records is backed up 6 times, the deal is locked. Is not what others want to divert possible.

It is a safe trading network. However, the local speed can not be guaranteed. If you want to change the contents of the contract, in fact there is a staff of around you, or it will be faster processing. Especially you rushing to the next destination.

In addition, this system can help you automatically pay the parking fee and toll fee. Buy music online and order a pizza can also use it to settlement. DocuSign company responsible for the project’s product manager RonHirson also believes that the car is becoming a kind of payment tool, just like AppleWatch.”

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