Vitalik Buterin: Ethernet square first 5 years taught me.

 Vitalik Buterin: Ethernet square first 5 years taught me.

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Read the interview Vitalik article made me realize that as a public chain leader, sometimes more than a giant company overweeningly ambitious CEO, a founder of the open source community or simple more complicated. All your goals, not only a single account, which also need a lot of delicate balance — for example, to a certain stage, you need timely exit or even weaken themselves.

Probably no one can truly understand the dimension Vitalik Buterin since the 19 year old wrote the Ethereum protocol described in white paper since five years experience. Design when he and a group of partners to achieve this agreement, he not only regarded as the inventor of Ethernet square, but also to be regarded as “high priest” etheric Fang — no formal authority, but have enormous soft power. Even critics also said that he used beyond the age of maturity, taking the responsibility of the etheric fang.

As the first major attempt to bitcoin outside the etheric Fang network now has thousands of developers, the encryption currency ether Market Capitalization of more than $21 billion, it would almost certainly make Buterin become one of the richest man in history. “New York guest” referred to him as “the indifference of the rich”, indeed, it is hard to imagine a more humble than he or less compelling millionaire. This year 3 months, Ethernet square price is about $377 (currently around $209), “vitalik” Forbes estimates of the net assets of between 100 million to 200 million U.S. dollars.

Ethernet has released 1000 square – the currency Network — success not only makes Buterin become rich and famous. However, in a world filled with strong CEO, Uber and Amazon “winner” strategy of the times, Buterin seems to have a higher ideal incentive. His wandering life, a brief stay in another country, almost all of them did not allow him to have any material wealth. He just rely on friends to provide him with temporary residence is merciful, he himself does not seem to be a kind of bone. His sincere and touching. Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox said that Buterin had told him that in the early stage of bitcoin, “this is the first technique that I love, I love it.”

However, if the Vitalik was very shy to play a key role in it, create your own community this thing so, this community ideal form he wanted, and now he has to square the etheric ecological high prestige, both completely contradictory. I recently at the Devcon conference witnessed the “Vitalik effect”. Devcon was once a year held in Prague this year’s Ethereum developer conference. The first day, a group of participants saw Vitalik, he planned the morning keynote speech second days, but in fact he was standing in the vicinity of the venue, are not protected by any staff. This group of participants could not help but think that a lot of people do not try to close to Vitalik, as the creator of the etheric Fang is a rock star, should be surrounded by a group of fans.

“It’s easy to overestimate what others think of you.”

“Maybe they are in respect of his personal space,” one person said thoughtfully.

“No,” said another, “I think it’s because they are afraid of Vitalik.”

They clearly want to do a self introduction, but do not know how to cause the interest of Vitalik. “What we say to him?” we are the application layer of the developer? “Thank you for creating the etheric square, we really love, we feel the etheric Fang good ‘like this?”

They reached an impasse. But there is a developer of courage. “If you and I bet,” he said, “I went up to talk to him.”

“I don’t want to bet with you,” replied his friend.

Finally, a few of them came to say hello to Vitalik, but only a man of courage — or have the guts to shake hands — and Vitalik telin.

This is the first time I saw Vitalik much better. When I met Buterin, shortly after the end of his keynote, his hand is full – took a mobile phone, a cup of tea, so he can only offer a long fingers, like E.T. and I say hello. He is tall and thin, almost shocking. When we talk, he slightly hunched down, when thinking about the problem, he often looked down. When he raised his eyes and I met his eyes, his blue eyes emit warm; once you win his eye contact, you will want to win his eye contact.

As he spoke, he played with the rope bag absent-minded. Our brief conversation, from his efforts to reduce its importance in the etheric Fang in the ecological system, transferred to him and Donald Trump made the mistake of leadership.

The following is the full text of the interview

 Vitalik Buterin: Ethernet square first 5 years taught me.

People call you a philosopher, not long ago, there is a trick that you died, the price plummeted eth. Are you on your dependence because the community feel upset?

If the community continue to rely on me, so I think this is definitely a problem. The significance of decentralization is that you can set up a system, in this system you don’t need to know which specific people involved, they are worthy of trust, so that we can participate in. Therefore, if the persistence of Ethereum hypothesis is that I do certain things, so this to anyone in the Ethereum ecosystem is a huge risk, obviously, this is a huge loss of freedom for me.

But at the same time, I become in the sense of a key node certainly greater than a year ago is much lower. If you look at some reply yesterday on Twitter, you will find that people are talking about this community is obviously more dependent on each other at this point. This is in the past year we have been working on things. Including many like Ethereum Foundation grant program project, and how we use multi client to achieve the Serenity and slice. These things one goal is to let the etheric square work not only focus on the construction of a small group of people. Different groups around the world are trying to build the etheric fang.

Today, the etheric Fang Foundation’s Python team talked about “how to make 1 million new developers into the etheric workshop. This is to allow the community to gradually get rid of the importance of method — not reduce the dependence of your own role, but attract more and more people to join?

Attract more and more people join is one of the most important parts. If you let more and more people to join, unless you are in a positive management of all positions, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the same importance as before.

What is the specific time? In the 2 edition of Ethereum, Serenity to be realized?

It is a natural occurrence over time.

You show Hindenburg ppt disaster to illustrate the THE DAO event, very interesting. Reminds me of how did you try to slow down the speed of the attacker, and reduce the impact of the attack. For bitcoin, Nakamoto was a dictator, Linus Torvalds Linux was a dictator, is this dictatorship is not good?

Certainly. For a developer community, smaller and more concentrated is a good thing, especially in the early stage, when you have a lot of decision to do. By a large commission to design the protocol is not large. But when the system is stable, we are not talking about the foundation of large-scale transformation, but the marginal adjustment is going on, then I think (decentralized) mode starts to play a greater role, and as a correct way to start more meaningful.

One of the earliest ideas blockchain is that you don’t need to believe in others, you can believe that mathematics. Maybe it is the right of early bitcoin, but when you create something involving over two pieces, the cross piece SNARKs transactions, etc. — all those who cannot read the code or verify the validity of the concept of people, they are not (again) was forced to accept a decision and judgment from a small part of the elite group?

There definitely exists a balance. Even in bitcoin, such as a cryptographic hash function]sha-256, you may think it is a small thing, because this is a noun, you will never see the real thing inside it. But in fact, Sha -256 is a very complex thing, with decades of academic research history, it completely defeated the safety of a lot of alternatives.

On the other hand, it is partly over two times the piece I don’t love. We are doing two pieces. I really think (POS consensus) Casper is essential for the safety and efficiency of the higher level to Ethereum; slice for Ethernet to ascend to the level we need workshop expansion is necessary. But you must be on the protocol “simple” principle is adhered to. In many places, the complexity I’ve been trying to think of a way to reduce the agreement.

For example, there is a Merck tree structure in the current Ethereum in the chain, it is quite complicated, it is basically all the account data of a storage system in a way that I have been thinking about how to put it to reduce the complexity of the 5 times. Reduce the need to worry about the number of lines of code is very important.

There are other considerations?

There are conceptually simple. But even so, you must think more carefully. For example, because bitcoin protocol looks very simple, but the analysis in many ways is not simple. For example, from 2009 to 2013, people think that the safety threshold of bitcoin is 50%. But then Emin Gun Sirer and Ittay Eyal wrote a “selfish mining” essay, then, God, now fell to the safety of 0 to 33%, the specific number depends on your assumption of the network.

There is a bitcoin core developers never realize the patch, it allows security to reach 25%. [editor’s note: in a 2013 paper, Sirer and Eyal proposed the bitcoin protocol for repair, the purpose is to improve the safety threshold of the network to control network to double or illegal access to computing power of multiple mining total rewards to upgrade to 25%. So now you have to consider your attitude to the possibility of collusion mining in the network, your view of point to point network how to work, and some other things. In the POS Ethereum consensus algorithm, we do have one put in more work. In some ways, (for security) analysis will be more simple. In addition, there is a greater community in the analysis.

So it will be easier to believe, not just because four or five people tell you should blindly trust this thing?

Yes, that’s right. Of course I will pay attention to those who look to let five people blindly believe the solution, I will try to avoid using them.

November will be the 5th anniversary anniversary of Ethernet square white paper. Your father said recently, when your partnership and others create the etheric square when you are “innocent and unprepared”, “you must learn a lot about” human “experience”. What do you think is the most difficult lesson you learned?”

One thing is that you tend to overestimate everyone’s opinion of you. Back in 2014, I think, at least, the reason I got into the field because I believe to the center of the public believe that thing in the world, I believe the public platform against censorship, etc.. There is a lot of debate is about (Ethereum) the rest of the team basically just want to earn a lot of money this fact. Not all, but some.

To some extent, I realized, let alone both sit down and talk to each other, a hug, and can not solve all conflicts. To solve this problem for an hour, and then they went back to his room, if the fundamental problem is not resolved, then the problem will not change.

Do you know the communication and dialogue have some effect, but it can not solve all the problems?

Yes, that’s right. Another reason is that many people are very good to me, I think they are very nice to me because they are good for me, but in fact they are very nice to me because they think I am strong. I was as one of the leader’s mistakes, is actually a mistake I recently noticed that Donald Trump committed.

If you remember for a while, he really wanted to overthrow the Obama health care reform (Obamacare), and then Obama came to the White House, they talked about one and a half hour, then after that, trump said, “Oh, I never thought of the health care system will be so complicated.” But, of course, after that, he is not a special support to stop the Obama health care reform.

One thing I learned here is: try to agree with your last conversation object view. If you have no experience, this is actually very easy to do. I spent about a year or so, to figure out how to pass this stage.

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