Vitalik Buterin: In any case will guarantee the security of the issue

nnnIn the wake of the storm: the ether-based network because of excessive trading volume and congestion, resulting in tokens prices. But the heat of the ether-square network or the market caused some crazy performance. The ether square community has also taken some measures to try to solve the current situation encountered by the network, once the ether square network to complete Casper upgrade, some of the current network problems to be solved.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTerry Square co-founder Vitalik Buterin has determined the reasons for the issuance of money and coins.n
nIn a Twitter exchange with Ethereum Classic founder Barry Silbert, encrypted currency enthusiast Kalle Rosenbaum, Buterin said the issue of “will guarantee a reasonable level of security.”n
nWhen Rosenbaum stressed that the purpose of non-Bit Coin-encrypted currency should not be the “monetary system”, Buterin pointed out that the ether-square currency has always been coherent.n
nTransactions in recent weeks blocked the network, causing fluctuations, so that the pressure on the tower is not small.n
nThe ICO heat alone based on the etherchain block chain has raised questions about the final value of the tower, and there is no upper limit on the number of tokens, and billions of dollars are at risk.n
nButerin responded Silbert said that once the new features on the line, the future issue of currency issuance will be “less than 0%.”n

nnOnce Casper is released, the inflation rate is about 0.5-2%. When we increase the mechanism of burning some of the transaction costs, if the transaction costs increase, the inflation rate may become 0 or even lower.n
n- Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) 2017/6/28n
nnThe Ether Square will continue to create mainstream applications outside the encrypted currency area, so that Buterin has become the target of fake news.n
nLast weekend, a fake news that Buterin died in a car accident, he released by self-portraits, show false news reports after the tower to dig the block, to support the news is false.n

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