Vitalik finally officially decided to upgrade the Ether Square Casper

nnnAccording to CoinDesk reports, the founder of the tower founder Vitalik Buterin is now carefully prepared for the next generation of the network upgrade – highly anticipated proof of equity agreement algorithm version of the agreement Casper three white papers. This may be an important milestone for the Ether Square, as Casper has long been considered a better and more environmentally friendly way to keep the global network reach a consensus on the history of the chain chain trade, but that concept over the past few years Has been stuck in the developer’s level of thinking, the industry has been looking forward to the details of the implementation of written documents. At present, Buterin’s official white paper will be peer-reviewed by the developers, but at least in the next month’s time will not be released.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nCasper prototype gradually exposed, no longer as phantom general illusory.n
nAlthough it sounds a bit untrue to the long-awaited believers in the ether-etal believers, CoinDesk has confirmed that Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the network, is now writing three white papers to elucidate the expectations Equity Proof Consensus Algorithm Version Agreement.n
nIn this way, these white papers may be an important milestone for the ethertop, as Casper has long been waiting for a long time since Casper has been considered a better and more environmentally friendly way to keep the global network reach a consensus on the history of block chain trading The relevant details are implemented as written documents.n
nOn the contrary, in the past few years, this idea has always existed in the brain of a small number of developers, and occasionally some breakthroughs with the development of fragmented publishing in online chat groups and blog posts.n
nSince the proof of equity is so important to the etherravers, the user must believe that these developers do have a good idea.n
nAs a result, Buterin’s official white paper is now peer-reviewed by the developer, which may indicate that the project has made significant progress, is now ready to upgrade to the Metropolis stage, and then change the system to a proof of equity.n
nVirgil Griffith, a well-known hacker and chief executive developer, is currently reviewing Buterin’s white paper, and he told CoinDesk,n
nn”In short, Casper’s design is getting better every iteration.”n
nnThese white papers have been hidden in the paper for GitHub in the past few weeks, and Buterin and Griffith will update it from time to time.n
nHowever, this work is still in the early stages of this essence is worth noting. Griffith said that these documents also have a lot of questions, has always been accompanied by “coming!” Bubble, and at least in the next month’s time will not be released at the same time, he added:n
nn”When I typed, I was trying to study these documents.”n
nSteady playn
nThe first white paper entitled “Casper the Friendly Finished Gadget” – imitates the title of the 20-generation film “Casper the Friendly Ghost” in the 1990s, illustrating the consensus algorithm How to operate at a higher level.n
nIt is worth noting that the White Paper reaffirms the recent changes in the direction of the development of the tower. The program is not immediately from the proof of work into a proof of equity, but slowly start, the first combination of the two together.n
nThe white paper explains:n
nn”The proposed mechanism will initially be the existing etherbox work volume certification chain, making Casper’s first version a hybrid PoW / PoS algorithm that relies on the effort to obtain activity, but this is not safe, but in the future Version of the proposed mechanism may be replaced by other mechanisms.n
nnFurther expansion, the workload certificate will be used to validate most of the APF block chains, but the proof of interest will be used as a “checkpoint” for each 100th block, thus providing more “irreparable” “Or to ensure that the transaction will not exceed once.n
nThe white paper continues with the attacks that the verification node might try to use (such as “remote attacks”), and how Casper overcomes these attacks.n
ndetails make a difference n
nThe other two white papers gave a detailed account of the minutiae of the system.n
nThe second essay entitled “Incentives in Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget” explores the incentives that make the system work and ensure that the system is not messed up.n
nFor Casper, there are two types of things that may go wrong: a “security failure” when a rule is broken, for example when the two verification nodes are in an incompatible state. An “activity failure” occurs when the system stops or can not push the transaction.n
nSince the user must deposit part of the funds as a verification node to participate in the system, this white paper outlines that if the verification node attempts to violate the rules, the system will confiscate its deposits.n
nThe third white paper, titled “Automated Censorship Attack Rejection,” focuses on 51% of the attacks – miners or miners gather most of the network computing power, and then reverse the system rules to the interests of the attack , For example, double pay or block transactions.n
nDevelopers have also been thinking about this issue, because if such an attack occurs, it is likely to reduce the block chain as a single source of legitimate trade confidence.n
nIn this white paper, Buterin thinks Casper relieves the problem because the agreement will penalize the attacker (if they make the wrong behavior) to deduct the deposit of the system margin.n
nAnother wayn
nIt is noteworthy, however, that Buterin’s approach to equity proof outlined in these white papers is not the only way.n
nVlad Zamfir, who is actually responsible for Casper’s development, said he plans to release more details about his own version of Casper before the upcoming large-scale developer conference in the fall.n
nHe said to CoinDesk:n
nn”Vitalik will be more driven by the quick implementation of some things, and I will be more driven by the search for the best solution in theory, even if it means that some time will be delayed.”n
nnMoreover, since Buterin is only on the level of the white paper gradually tend to be ready, so it can be assumed in the peer review process, but also need to further refine.n
nHowever, the developer has begun to implement the Buterin version of the Casper method of the first step, the version is expected to be the next large-scale escalation Metropolis in the fall of this year after the official launch.n
nStill, it remains unclear whether Casper’s theory will solve all the problems before people see it in real life.n

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