Voice of Russia under the ban bitcoin technology will stay here

Voice of Russia under the ban bitcoin technology will stay here

Since 2009, Victor Dostov served as president of the Russian Association of electronic currency, is considered one of the Russian retail payments leading experts and management personnel. He is a co-founder and managing partner of Paycash group. The payment industry in Russia, Dr. Dostov has a wealth of experience and experience. Recently, he in Russia to bitcoin as the theme of the interview with CoinTelegraph Allen Scott to talk here Dr. on Russian legislation to ban digital currency proposal to tell their own ideas.

Not all the Russians want to ban bitcoin

The Russian e-money Association (EMA) represents Russia’s largest payment business. One of the duties of the president is to study and improve the public awareness of the payment technology. Dr. Dostov does not think bitcoin in competition with EMA, but it is free gift items. Although we have heard the central position on the digital currency, but the Russian authorities have not yet confirmed to bring the benefits of technology chain block. Part of the reason may be the block chain is usually the bitcoin community was billed as an anti national technology. In an interview with CoinTelegraph, Dr. Dostov explained: when some bitcoin community make this technology on the obvious anti state position, it is difficult to popularize.

Nevertheless, Dr. Dostov believes that the technology will be here to stay, and we will see further integration and project. However, he still doubts that it is integrated with the international monetary system, and not just in russia. He cited two reasons:


The 2. most customers do not want to also do not love from an anonymous welfare. They hope to be able to reclaim stolen funds. He believes that this is a digital currency this kind of project in past success.

When asked about the proposal currently fine Russian authorities, Dr. Dostov pointed out again, the authorities lack the understanding of the working principle of the technology, he did not believe the ban is a risk of fines and a good deal of digital currency brought by the way.

We are very concerned about the legislative proposal, I don’t think the ban is fine and a method of processing digital currency, like any other technical risk as.

What do you think of the Russian bitcoin ban?

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