Wal-Mart, Jingdong, Tsinghua, IBM to carry out blockchain food tracking work in China

nRunaway Comment: Walmart started cooperation with Tsinghua University and IBM on food tracking in 2016. Recently, the e-commerce giant Jingdong also joined the work and together with three other parties set up the “Secure Food Blockchain Traceability Alliance” to further ensure the safety and transparency of food systems through blockchain technology. At present, this measure is regarded as the more outstanding blockchain work in China and it is worth the wait.n
nTranslation: Inan
Retail giants Wal-Mart and JD.com are working with other companies to support a blockchain project in China on food safety and tracking.n
The other two participants in the project are the National Engineering Laboratory for Electronic Commerce in Tsinghua University and IBM, which have formed the Blockchain Food Safety Alliance to bring China together with the food supply Chain related businesses linked.n
From the standpoint of the statement, the idea is to develop a standardized way of collecting data on the sources, safety and authenticity of food by all parties, and the blockchain will serve as the technical basis for recording this information in real time.n
For Wal-Mart, this effort represents an extension of its previous work in the food supply chain. In October 2016, Wal-Mart announced it is working with Tsinghua University and IBM to track pork products and said the process was “very encouraging” at a conference earlier this year.n
Frank Yiannas, vice president of food safety and health at Walmart, said:n
nAs a global advocate for enhancing food safety, Wal-Mart looks forward to deepening its cooperation with IBM, Tsinghua University, Jingdong and other food supply chains, and we can effectively improve traceability and transparency through collaboration, standards development and adoption of new and innovative technologies And ensure the safety of the global food system. “n
nElectricity giants Jingdong users in September this year, more than 200 million people, its accession is very compelling.n
It is reported that Jingdong intends to import billions of dollars worth of food in the next few years, in theory there will be a large inventory of products that need to be tracked.n
“In all countries of the world, consumers in China, in particular, are becoming more and more interested in knowing the source of the food they buy, and Jingdong is committed to using technology to be completely transparent,” said Yu Yongli, the head of JD Y’s business unit.n

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