Wall Street Analyst: Encryption Spikes in currency prices could push GPU sales

nRunaway Comment: The Encrypted Money Market Rises and Falls Make More People Understand It and Engage in Mining and Investment. Recently, cryptocurrencies continue to break the record to drive GPU sales up. However, analysts believe that the corresponding demand in the market will fluctuate with the money market. However, as technology advances and investors grow, specific trends are unpredictable.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
According to Wall Street-related market analysts, rising prices of ethercoin, Monroe and other cryptocurrencies can increase GPU makers’ sales.n
In a weekend note to clients, Mitch Steves of RBC Capital Markets said double-digit increases in some recent cryptocurrencies could attract miners to market and push older miners to buy new GPUs to boost capacity.n
Mining is an energy-intensive process through which new transactions join the blockchain. News reports have reported that mining has generated significant sales momentum for companies such as Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices.n
Steves wrote:n
“We are focusing on it now because the payback period has been drastically shortened, potentially driving the GPU sales momentum associated with cryptocurrency mining.”n
n”To illustrate, when the etheric price reaches $ 300 and the payback period is about 9.4 months, it’s about 5.6 months now and we see the change is significant.”n
nWhen the price of the ether reached the bottom of $ 286 in early November, it rebounded to $ 453, up 58% on weekends. The Monroe dollar almost doubled in the month from $ 82 to $ 161, while the November zero rose 49% from $ 213 to $ 318.n
The rebound in mining demand is noteworthy as many observers, including the leading makers of mining GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD, predicted a few weeks ago that the increase in cryptocurrencies mining and GPU sales will increase in the first half of this year Published amazing sales data and inventory began to slow down after.n
In the third quarter earnings report, NVIDIA pointed out that mining-related GPU revenues have dropped from $ 150 million in the second quarter to $ 70 million and the trend is expected to continue. Lisa Su, chief executive of AMD, also expressed the same notion to investors during Q3, saying “the demand for the cryptocurrency part will gradually flatten out.”n
Steves said some of the effects may not be as relevant anymore.n
Although it is too early to assess the long-term stability of the market, Steves said it is likely to be the result of technological advances that have traditionally been associated with the interest of mining investors.n
n”With the ‘secrets already revealed,’ we are not surprised to see more and more institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals investing in this rapidly growing area.”n

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