Wall Street bankers put bonuses may spark “an epic buy-in frenzy”

nBuzz comments: Despite the recent bitcoin market value remains at its lowest point in history, but the digital currency group director Meltem Demirors predicts that as Wall Street bankers put their bonuses, encrypted currency buying will “outbreak.” And on the New Year bitcoin rising target price, he just repeated the bitcoin prediction many years ago, that is bitcoin up space is still great.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Meltem Demirors, director of the Digital Currency Group, predicts that buying encrypted currency will “explode” as Wall Street bankers spend their bonuses.n

Meltem Demirorsn
January 15, the epic buying frenzyn
Last week Demirors highlighted its own tweets earlier, anticipating a “huge influx of cash” from “traditional investors who have enough cash to invest in cryptocurrencies.”n
n”Ready for explosive growth.”n
nWith the recent rally in Bitcoin-denominated currencies weakened, Rebol’s staggering gains began to plummet, with the overall decline in the cryptocurrency market this week.n
Bitcoin’s market share remains at historically low levels, especially as Rebo’s attention has led some executives to suggest that the largest cryptocurrency is probably not the end asset investors need.n
However, the rise in bitcoin futures in December led Demirors to believe that Wall Street funds could once again reverse its price fortunes.n
n”When January 15 Wall Street bonus hit the bank account, I imagine we will see an epic crypto currency buying frenzy.”n
nThis comment aroused enthusiastic response on social media.n
KEISER – 2018 Gold will be “Bitcoin in Ethylene”n
Max Keizer, in his December 30 Keizer Report forecast, said the more prolonged bitcoin price surge could bring good news to troubled gold.n
Bitcoin is traditionally considered a snatched gold investor, but he predicts that the success of cryptocurrencies this year will raise gold prices to $ 2,300 or $ 2,400.n
n”Ironically, gold will be treated as a real version of bitcoin, and it will be ethylene in bitcoin.” The “huge gains” in thousands of cryptocurrencies will make millennials keen to accumulate and use gold.n
nKeizer’s refusal to set a target for the New Year’s bitcoin price simply reiterates a prediction when bitcoin was three years ago that the price of a single bitcoin could reach $ 100,000 in the future.n

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