Wall Street executives quit to join the virtual digital currency industry crazy

Wall Street executives quit to join the virtual digital currency industry crazy

This week, after the state of New York BitLicense digital currency regulation law came into effect, many bitcoin service company will move away from the city of New York, including bitcoin exchange Kraken and BitFinex. More quietly, another strike is lurking in the background, it is more traditional and mainstream Wall Street” Money traders, they are slowly towards the digital currency to the center of the ecological system.


Moved from the Wall Street to the blockchain

When a person on the company to make changes or start a new company, it rarely can become a global news, but at the beginning of this year, when the commodity queen Blythe Masters left Morgan Datong, founded the digital Asset Holding Companies (Digital Asset Holdings), has triggered a massive sensation, It sounded an alarm in the western financial world. She is not alone, this is only a lightning rod industry movement in thunderstorms.

Timo Schlaefer, financial engineering, and his occupation is the embryonic stage in London from Goldman Goldman, Schlaefer enterprise mergers and acquisitions Department transferred to the credit department and served as a quantitative model, the executive director, but in February of this year, he took the life of small peaks, suddenly chose to leave.


After leaving the bank, he launched a start-up company called Crypto Facilities Ltd (encryption equipment Co. Ltd.), specializes in bitcoin derivatives. What inspires him? Schlaefer explained:

“This is an unknown domain involved in such a great potential of the new technology, is a very exciting opportunity.”


On the one hand, bitcoin financing also hit record highs, the first half of 2015 the industry has more than 2014 annual financing financing. Many executives continue throwing money in, even if it is more mature compared to other industries, is relatively small. It seems that some outstanding people in the financial industry, digital currency and Its ecosystem is present in 2015, is the upward trend.


Bitcoin craze


On the other hand, the vigorous development of digital currency market has also ushered in the employment opportunities, large companies such as Capital One, Intel and Amazon Co in the industry to release advertisement. In June this year, according to Wanted Analytics data show that online bitcoin advertisement has soared to 306, a record high.


Paul Chou, another from Goldman Sachs entrepreneurs, who had previously New York Goldman’s top quantitative stock trader, this is after he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in computer science and mathematics degree as the occupation. And now, he also chose to leave from Goldman Sachs, and created bitcoin startups LedgerX, this is a bitcoin futures trading and clearing platform. He wanted his company to become the first option of bitcoin trading platform specification.


Rick Henri Chan, after he was in Japan for Deutsche Bank, as the OTC derivatives technology person in charge, in addition, he was also a trader UBS and Morgan stanley. At present, he chose to join the bitcoin company Airbitz, the direction of raising funds and planning for the company. Chan said he had a multimillion dollar jobs in Germany, he admitted that he missed a lot of salary, but he now has the flexibility of love.


“We are Airbitz doing something special, but I think the company has more value in the future,” said Chan.


Risks and opportunities


I want to say is, these entrepreneurs, they are not satisfied with the status quo, to a higher goal of yearning and longing, forcing them to this have not been developed over the road, gamble in this emerging market.


They are not ordinary gamblers, they are the most conservative market, a group of people with higher education. As the saying goes: Life favors the bold; these pioneers, seem to be very willing to test the old proverb.

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