Wall Street financiers will once again detonated bitcoin Market

Wall Street financiers will once again detonated bitcoin Market


Ready for the explosive growth of bitcoin, because Wall Street financiers are spending their bonuses.

Wall Street people will soon get a bonus.

This digital currency Group executives predict, when bonuses, bitcoin will be crazy to buy”.

Many market observers expected, compared with 2017, encryption market prices will rise significantly this year.

A few weeks ago, bitcoin transaction price of more than $20 thousand, by the end of 2017, bitcoin prices fell to about $11 thousand. This came after the rebound Saturday bitcoin prices reached $16500.

MeltemDemirors is an investment in the currency and the encryption block chain business investment company CEO, he believes that with the Wall Street bonus season, a new trend is unfolding.

Demirors wrote on Twitter earlier this year: “if the January 15th Wall Street bonuses in the bank account, we will see the crazy to buy the picture appeared in the epic on the market.”

Ready for the explosion

At the beginning of this year when Wall Street traders can use their money to influence, because many traders on gambling with their extra income.

In mid January the bonus may be around $138000, it can be inferred from the calculation of the New York state comptroller Thomas Napoli in.

20 years ago, the author describes the New York Times of New York automobile sales personnel, they benefited from the Wall Street bonuses.

The newspaper quoted a car salesman: “they are all young and enterprising people, they can spontaneously decide.

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